TUF 13 Finale Play-by-Play: Shamar Bailey vs. Ryan McGilivray

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Shamar Bailey vs. Ryan McGilivray

Round 1: Ryan opens by peppering shots to Bailey’s face and Bailey shoots with an explosive takedown that sends Ryan reeling towards the back of the cage.  Bailey now landing postured, looping punches as Ryan lays on the ground.  Bailey hops into side control now and is landing elbows to the head and knees to the body, as he looks to mount.  Ryan stands up and Bailey secures a beautiful thai clinch and peppers Ryan with knees.   They separate and Ryan continues to pop his jab in Bailey’s face, looking to keep him at bay.  If he can weather the storm from Bailey, this might work.  Bailey backs up, drops his hands, and motions for Ryan to come forward.  Ryan obliges and walks right into a Bailey takedown.  Bailey now back in side control, but soon after lets Ryan stand up.  That was an odd move from Shamar Bailey, as he seems to have an advantage on the ground.  Lead left hook from Ryan connects.  Overhand right from Bailey just misses, as it grazes Ryan’s head.  Bailey looks for a single leg takedown and gets it, as the round ends. MMAWeekly scores round one 10-9 for Bailey.

Round 2: Ryan opens with that popping jab, followed by a  1-2 combo.  Straight right from Ryan lands.  Kick to the body from Ryan as Bailey looks frustrated.  Bailey trying to land a lunging, wild right hook, but to no avail.  Bailey shoots in for a takedown and throws Ryan to the mat as he is looking to improve position.  Bailey with a few elbows to Ryan’s face.  Bailey has ample opportunity to pass to mount but he’s not taking it, very odd.  Bailey now back in the guard of Ryan and it seems to be a stalemate.  Bailey has dominant position, but it seems as if he has no clue what to do with the position, as he is certainly not improving his position.  Bailey lunges into side control now and is landing peppering elbows to Ryan’s face, but he isn’t looking to improve.   Bailey now takes the back of Ryan and has side control.  A brief scrmable, and Bailey ends the round in side control.  Very odd round. MMAWeekly scores round two 10-9 for Bailey.

Round 3: Grazing high kick from Ryan opens round 3 and Bailey briefly has him on the canvas but they stand back up.  Ryan pushes in with a flurry of strikes but leaves himself wide open fro a Bailey takedown.  Bailey now in side control, again, and he now transfers to north/south briefly.  Bailey now takes the back of Ryan and is in side control and he is landing disruptive shots, but nothing significant. It honestly seems as if Shamar Bailey has no grasp of how to finish this fight, or improve for a submission.  Ryan stands up and Bailey briefly has a standing guillotine, but Ryan powers out.  Back to standing Ryan peppers Bailey with jabs and hooks, but he’s going to have to do a lot more than that to win this fight.  Ryan tries for a rolling Kimura but gives up position and Bailey is now in side control.  Ryan manages to stand up and Ryan yells at Bailey telling him to bring it, and he pops him with shots.  The round ends and the crowd boos. MMAWeeky scores round three 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Bailey.

Shamar Bailey def. Ryan McGillivray by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27), R3

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