TUF 13 Finale Play-by-Play: Josh Grispi vs. George Roop

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Josh Grispi vs. George Roop

Round 1: Gispi opens by bum rushing Roop against the cage and drags him to the ground.  Grispi eats a few elbows from Roop on the bottom as he looks to improve his position.  Grispi now with a lazy mount and he is looking for a guillotine.  Grispi now looks to take the back but Roop turns into him and they clinch against the cage.  More elbows from Roops as Grispi just clinches.  Roop looks as if he’s doing more damage even though he’s being controlled.   Roop turns into Grispi and drags him to the ground and hammers down some shots on Grispi, and they are landing with authority as the round ends. MMAWeekly scores round one 10-9 for Roop.

Round 2: Front kick from Roop to the stomach of Grispi sends him reeling to the canvas.  Roop charges in and is now in Grispi’s guard looking to improve.  Going back to round 1, Grispi certainly had more dominant positions, but he did nothing with them, all the while Roop was landing shots.  Back to he action as Roop postures and lands a few straight lefts to the face of Grispi.  Roop landing elbows and hooks to the body of Grispi now, and we seem to be having another slow round.  Roop transitions to the back and takes side control.  As the round ends, the crowd is dead silent. Not an exciting round unfortunately. MMAWeekly scores round two 10-9 for Roop.

Round 3: Roop fires a body kick to open the round and Grispi counters with a grazing flurry.  Grispi secures a body lock and slams Roop to the round and passes to side control.  During the transition Roop manages to stand up and we are briefly back to standing.  I say briefly because Grispi pressures Roop off the standup and pins him against the cage, and secures an ankle pick takedown.   Leg kick by Roop. Roop with an amazing four strike combo; leg kick, right hook to the body, left hook to the head, and back to the body.  Apparently the last shot was to the groin, so the action is briefly halted.  At the restart George Roop lands and absolutely textbook right hook to the body of Josh Grispi, that sends Grispi crumpling to the canvas and this fight is over.

George Roop def. Josh Grispi by TKO (Strikes) at 3:14, R3

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