TUF 13 Finale Play-by-Play: Clay Harvison vs. Justin Edwards

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Clay Harvison vs. Justin Edwards

Round 1: Edwards opens by bum rushing Harvison against he cage and earnsa  body lock throw/hip toss and is now in side control.  Harvison immediately gets back to his feet and misses a grazing left hook.  Lead left uppercut by Harvison lands.  Edwards throws a few punches to close the distance and locks up with Harvison and drags him to the mat.  Harvison briefly stands up but Edwards slams him right back down.  Once again Harvison manages to get back to his feet, but following a very brief exchange, Edwards closes the distance and takes him down once again.    Harvison stands, and Edwards looks for a hip toss, but Harvison shrugs him off and lands a few nice shots.  Edwards drops fro a leg lock, but Harvison defends accordingly and Harvison now has Edwards in his guard and he’s landing elbows from the bottom.  Brief armbar attempt from Harvison was close to ending the fight but Edwards pulled out.   Harvison now in side control landing knees to the body of Edwards, as the fighters switched dominant position.  Edwards tries to stand up and Harvison pulls for a guillotine as the round ends. MMAWeekly scores round one 10-9 for Edwards.

Round 2: Harvison popping his jab and follows with a straight right to open the round.  Harvison again fires off a 1-2 combo that lands.  Another 1-2 combo and Harvison is beginning to find a rhythm it seems.  The fighters clinch and Harvison lands effective knees to the body.  Edwards drops for a takedown but  Harvison sprawls accordingly and is looking to turn him into the cage. The fighters separarate and Edwards lands a thudding spinning back kick that sends Harvison back into the cage.  Once again the fighters clinch as they seem to be taking a bit of a breather.  Harvison has a knot over his left eye now.  Another 1-2 combo has Edwards backing up as Harvison looks to control the pace in the last minute.  Another clinch that sees Harvison landing knees.  During the separation Harvison lands a stinging flurry to Edwards and the crowd reacts accordingly.  The round ends. MMAWeekly scores round two 10-9 for Harvison.

Round 3: Armageddon opens round 3 as Harvison stuns Edwards with a straight right, and Edwards fires back and clips Harvison with a flurry.  Now both fighters swing wildly as the crowd erupts.  Great action from both fighters.  Harvison clinches and earns a trip takedown and now finds himself in the half guard of Edwards landing brutal elbows to the side of his head.  A postured right hook from Harvison clips Edwards as his head pounds off the canvas.  Edwards is looking for a triangle/armbar combo but to no avail, and the fighters are back on their feet. Edwards pressing forward and secures a single leg takedown.  Now it’s Edwards landing elbows to Harvison’s face as we hit 2 minutes left in the fight.  Harvison stands up and secures a clinch while landing knees.  Both fighters look gassed as we close in on the final minute.  Edwards with another takedown, and if he’s smart he will just grind this out.  Edwards looks to take the back of Harvison but he was too high and he gives up position.  The fighters are back to standing and Edwards picks the ankle of Harvison for another takedown as the round comes to an end. MMAWeekly scores round three 10-9 and the fight 29-28 for Edwards.

Clay Harvison def. Justin Edwards by Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28), R3

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