TUF 12 Episode 7 Recap: Wild Cards Announced

October 28, 2010

TUF 12, The Ultimate FighterThe last preliminary bout took place, the coaches challenge occurred and the wild cards were named in “The Ultimate Fighter 12: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck” Episode 7.

The final preliminary match was announced by Coach St-Pierre between the final two housemates that haven’t competed since moving into the Las Vegas mansion: Dane Sayers and Sako Chivitchian.

The only defeated fighter in the house not in the running for one of the wild card slots was Spencer Page, who broke his hand in his Episode 5 bout against Nam Phan and underwent surgery to repair the damage.

The others: Andy Main, Sevak Magakian, Jeff Lentz, Aaron Wilkinson, and Marc Stevens campaigned to the camera with why they should be granted the second chance opportunity back in the competition.

“I would love the wild card. I’m praying for it every night,” said Team Koscheck’s Jeff Lentz. “Spencer broke his hand, so obviously Spencer can’t take it.”

“I don’t think they should pick England (Aaron Wilkinson) because he’s hurt. England’s all beat up. He’s got stitches in his eye. His leg is beat to death. Andy (Main) fought Kyle (Watson) and got controlled. He didn’t fight a great fight. I’m just hoping to God, praying that I get another chance,” added Lentz.

“I’m really pushing for that wild card slot because I want to show that I’m a different fighter than what they saw,” commented Andy Main.

Wilkinson felt he was one of the top contenders to receive a wild card rebirth and didn’t feel teammate Lentz deserved a second chance and stated that he would be “pissed” if Lentz was selected in front of him.

“Two days before the wild card’s getting picked and Jeff’s drinking. He chews tobacco all day long,” said Wilkinson. “Jeff don’t want it. He might think he wants it in his head, but I don’t think he fit’s the criteria for the wild card.”

“Hopefully I’ll get the wild card shot,” continued Wilkinson. “So far, I think I’m ahead for the wild card.”

“I haven’t been in the Octagon for 30 seconds in my two fights, so I definitely think I have a lot to prove,” said Team Koscheck’s first pick Marc Stevens. “Hopefully I get that wild card slot. I have no problems fighting anybody on my team, so we’ll see how it goes. It’s going to be interesting.”

The focus of this episode’s ribbing from Josh Koscheck was Team GSP’s medic Brad Tate. Koscheck jokingly bumped Tate from behind when entering the gym and a verbal exchange ensued.

“Koscheck can’t beat Georges at talking (expletive) to him, so he’s pushing my buttons,” said Tate. “I’m not afraid of the guy. I don’t give a (expletive). I don’t care. Period. The end. He’s a (expletive) and he knows he is.”

Koscheck continued to refer to Tate as a “male nurse,” and questioned why he was on the set.

“Who is Brad Tate?” asked Koscheck. “I don’t know why you’re here. You’re a male nurse, and I don’t know why you’re here. Nobody knows why he’s here. Only Georges does.”

“It’s like bro, you’re a male nurse. You’re not a fighter. You shouldn’t open your mouth,” stated Koscheck to the cameras. “Because I’ll choke your ass out. I’ll knock you out.”

The traditional coaches challenge took place in the form of a homerun derby with $10,000 cash on the line for the winning coach and $1,500 for each of his team members.

Each coach received 10 pitches from a pitching machine per inning with the competition lasting three innings and was awarded advancing levels of points the further they hit the ball.

“I’m (expletive) Canadian. I didn’t play this sport growing up. It’s an American sport,” said St-Pierre when he found out the challenge was baseball. “This is going to be hard. I’ve never played baseball in my life.”

Koscheck put seven points on the board in the first inning. St-Pierre never having swung a baseball bat in his life showed, scoring only three points.

Koscheck put up nine points in the second round, but St-Pierre found his rhythm, scoring seven. After two innings and 20 pitches the scoreboard read 16-10 for Koscheck.

The UFC welterweight No. 1 contender sealed the deal in the third, doubling his second inning score with 18 points. St-Pierre failed to score a single point in the last inning. The final tally was 34-10 with Team Koscheck taking the cash.

Koscheck rubbed in the victory, stating, “Get used to this feeling.”

St-Pierre quickly responded, “You couldn’t have picked a worse sport for me my friend.”

The welterweight titleholder later added, “In baseball of course he’s better than me, but in the Octagon I will prevail.”

Koscheck compared the coaches challenge to their upcoming fight.

“Georges, what happened today here on this baseball field, get used to it because come December you’re going to have this same feeling,” said Koscheck. “Swing and a miss. Swing and a miss again. Bap, I crack a homerun, lights out.”


Sayers fended off a quick takedown attempt by Chivitchian and applied a guillotine choke in the opening moments of the first round. Sako popped his head out and starting to pound away in top position, but Sayers worked his way back to his feet. Much of the round took place along the cage jockeying for position with Sayers landing a few knees to the body. With under a minute remaining in the round, Sayers pressed Chivitchian to the fence and worked for a takedown. Chivitchian grabbed the cage preventing the takedown and was warned by the referee. The round was razor close and difficult to score.

The action picked up in the second round with Sayers moving forward and Chivitchian tossing him to the ground with a throw, but the Team Koscheck Sayers immediately bounced back to his feet. Chivitchian secured a takedown and controlled Sayers for well over a minute, but Sayers worked his way up and out with three minutes remaining. They quickly clinched and worked for position.

Sayers nearly got a takedown with just under two minutes on the clock and Chivitchian grabbed the fence again attempting to prevent being on his back. He was warned for the second time by the referee, who actually slapped his clinched hand off the cage. The remainder of the round played out with Chivitchian pressing Sayers against the cage and being warned a third time for grabbing the fence.

The fighters prepared for a possible third round, but the judges rendered a winner. Sako Chivitchian got  Team Koscheck their second win in the preliminary round of the competition by unanimous decision and advanced to the quarterfinals.

After the fight, St-Pierre told Sayers he would fight for him to get a wild card draw.

The two coaches and UFC president Dana White met to discuss the two wild card picks.

White pushed the two coaches to choose the two best fighters. Koscheck’s choices were Aaron Wilkinson and Marc Stevens. St-Pierre agreed that Wilkinson should receive a wild card and kept his word and pushed for Sayers.

White reiterated that he wanted the “two best guys.”


The fighters were gathered to reveal the wild card selections. The UFC president made the announcement. Team Koscheck’s Marc Stevens and Aaron Wilkinson will fight for a second chance at becoming “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Next week the wild cards face each other and Koscheck’s rift with Brad Tate turns physical.