October 7, 2010

TUF 12, The Ultimate Fighter 12Conflict continued to surround Team GSP’s Alex Caceres in episode four of “The Ultimate Fighter 12: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck,” Mike Tyson shared some knowledge, Koscheck tried to rally his team, and another fighter advanced in the competition.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson offered advice to Team GSP in the locker room following Michael Johnson’s win over Aaron Wilkinson about the psychology of fighting and the importance of confidence.  He left an impression on the team, including coach St-Pierre.

“Mike Tyson’s a very deep guy.  He’s a very smart person,” said St-Pierre.  “As a matter of fact, I talk about my team learning, but I probably learned just as much as them.”

Team morale was running high in camp GSP.

Koscheck tried to motivate his team after losing the first two bouts, determined to turn it around.

“We’re down 2-0 to St-Pierre’s team.  If that’s not enough to motivate you then you’re in the wrong sport,” said Koscheck.  “It’s time to get busy living or get busy dying.”

In the house, Alex Caceres was again the center of controversy.

During Johnson’s win over Wilkinson in episode three, Caceres was cheering on his teammate yelling comments such as, “Beat the (expletive) out of him!  (Expletive) him up!”

Team Koscheck’s second team pick, Sevak Magakian, took offense to “Bruce LeRoy’s” choice of expression of team enthusiasm and believed it was a display of disrespect.

“That’s not right,” commented Magakian.

Upon returning to the house he voiced his opinion and most of the contestants agreed with his criticism.

Caceres defended himself against the complaints and the argument quickly escalated between “Bruce LeRoy” and Magakian.  Nam Phan restrained Magakian, who vowed to fight Caceres in the competition.

“After I win my first fight, God willing, the next one is going to be Bruce LeRoy on my list,” said Magakian.  “I’m going to pick him up, all the way up.  I’m going to slam him down and I’m going to knock him out, man.”

“I think these guys love to hate me.  There has to be one guy in this house that somebody loves to hate,” said Caceres.

At the gym, Koscheck continued to look for angles to get a reaction out of St-Pierre, but the Canadian wasn’t fazed.  Koscheck impersonated St-Pierre acting like a robot.

“I don’t mind losing, but to a nerd?  Come on boys,” said Koscheck.  “We’re losing to a bunch of nerds.  Nerds that talk like robots.”

St-Pierre retained matchmaking control with Johnson’s win and announced the next match-up would be between MMAWeekly Radio TUF 12 correspondents Kyle Watson and Andy Main.

St-Pierre’s strategy has been to allow his fighters to select who they want to fight. Watson explained why he chose Andy Main.

“I wanted to choose Andy for this fight just because I’m a lot more well-rounded.  I’ve been doing this a lot longer.  Experience is going to play a big factor,” stated Watson.

St-Pierre agreed with Watson’s assessment, while Koscheck liked the match-up and Main pointed out that, “It’s the oldest guy in the house against the youngest guy in the house.”

During workouts, Koscheck showed up dressed in Speedos.  “Since Georges trains in them, we’re training in them.  Maybe that’s the key,” said the welterweight contender.

He questioned St-Pierre on why he wears them and asked if he liked the male fans looking at him in them.  St-Pierre brushed it off and was on his way.

Koscheck was at a loss.  He can’t seem to get any reaction out of the titleholder.

“He’s kind of quiet,” said Koscheck.  “I’d be like, hey, go (expletive) yourself.”

The fighters weighed in with Watson right on the mark at 155 and Main tipping the scales the same.

Koscheck categorized the bout as the most important of the season for his team.


Both fighters were content to trade strikes in the opening moments with Watson connecting cleanly with a straight left.  Main landed a counter right hand off a superman punch attempt by Watson that had the Team GSP member working to get the fight to the ground.

In the clinch Main took Watson’s back and landed short punches while Watson remained standing.  With both hooks in, Main looked for a rear naked choke, but the jiu-jitsu instructor worked his way out of the position. Main, however, wasted no time securing an arm and looked to set up another submission.

Watson freed himself and worked a healthy dose of ground and pound for the final 90 seconds, passing Main’s guard into side control.

MMAWeekly.com scored the round for Watson with his strong finish.

Main came out aggressive in round two, pressing the action standing, looking for the knockout.  Watson quickly decided to take Main down.  As Main tried to set up a submission, Watson passed his guard to side control and started landing elbows.

Main worked his way back to half guard while trying to get up, but Watson advanced his position again and Main gave up his back.  It would be his undoing.

Watson applied a body triangle and methodically worked to sink in a rear naked choke forcing Main to tap out.

Watson extended Team GSP’s winning streak to three and left Koscheck frustrated and kicking chairs.

“I’m heartbroken,” said Koscheck.  “We’ve had three fights that have been close.  I’m real disappointed right now.”