by Hector Ramirez (Team Rampage) – Special to MMAWeekly.com

Although this season of The Ultimate Fighter is filled with
very tall, very strong, and very athletic contestants, Marcus Jones has always
stood out as a particularly exceptional specimen of athleticism.  But even
more important than raw talent, Marcus has the right attitude. 


He trains hard, his mind is always open to learning, and
he’s a passionate athlete.  Although he can sometimes come off as being
sensitive, this is the same attitude that propels him to push his limits and be
the best. 


It’s still a bit comical to me to watch these shows and be
reminded of how excited Marcus gets when he learns something new; he is like a
kid unwrapping a new toy.  It was truly a pleasure to teach someone like
him, with every new move he learned, his attitude brightened and his energy
increased.  It’s the student’s paradox: the more he learns, the more he
realizes how much more he has to learn.  But this reflects further that
Marcus not only enjoys the intellectual challenge of recombining various
martial arts efficiently and effectively, but also the physical challenge that
MMA imposes on an athlete’s strength, speed and flexibility.  The genuine
pleasure that he gets from this challenge is a key indicator of future success. 
"Big Baby" is definitely someone you want to keep your eye on.


The show begins with a recap of the previous episode and
when it picks back up with the focus of this week’s episode, we see the affable
gentle giant, Marcus Jones doing his best imitation of an elephant that sees a
mouse scurrying across the floor, when an ambiguous arachnid is shown crawling
around in the house.  But his powerful roar – or screaming – rocketed the
arachnid to the bottom of Justin Wren’s official UFC stick where it was no
longer a threat to the safety of others.


But unlike some of the less mature fighters we’ve seen
throughout the seasons, Marcus’ bite is stronger than his bark.  (So is
mine, but you’ll see that November 14th!) We see Marcus’ bark come into display
when he learns of the drawing of him and the caption that suggested his diet
consisted of more than traditional foods.  From here, Marcus uses his
clairvoyant abilities to proclaim that he will be taking home the arm of the
libelous author.  


The fight is short and sweet.  At this point, we have
had two fights that should have gone to a third round only to be cut short and
shockingly decided early.  But when Marcus finished the fight, no one can
argue it and now, no one doubts Marcus.  


The episode concludes with Rashad asking for training
partners.  No one goes; wonder why?  It’s because the show did a
great job of editing the episodes to create drama.  Rashad got his
feelings hurt when no one wanted to train with him, but it’s because for all
his talk, Rampage does care and everyone on the team knows it.  For the
viewers and pundits alike who were foolish enough to buy into the previous
editing let this be a lesson: if you want loyalty, you have to genuinely care. 
1-7 isn’t a great record, but clearly Rampage has done something right.


But there is more to come, so stay tuned!


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