Press Release courtesy of Affliction Entertainment
Donald Trump, Affliction Entertainment and M-1 Global on Thursday announced plans to begin filming a new MMA reality series called “Fighting Fedor.” The shows theme is to find the next Fedor Emelianenko, by creating an elimination tournament between undiscovered MMA talent, with the winner fighting Fedor himself. Fedor is the star of Affliction Entertainment’s new Mixed Martial Arts league and the number one fighter in the world.

“We are excited about the new show and feel it will be a channel to discover more talent for our MMA product,” said Tom Atencio, Vice President of Affliction Entertainment Group. “Our feeling is that the key to success is to surround ourselves with good partners, and with our new partnership it will allow us to reach an even greater fan base.”

“I don’t know who is going to make it through, but whoever it is will be incredible,” said Donald Trump, Chairman and CEO of the Trump Organization. “The show will be spectacular, unique, and is going to be a special event. It will be taped in St. Petersburg, Russia. I’m going to be there, but I don’t want to compete on the show.”

Sixteen fighters screened by both companies and Fedor himself, not only for their athletic ability but their character and marketability, will compete in a tournament culminating in a face-off against the pound-for-pound champion of the world.

“What Fedor means to Affliction is what Michael Jordan was to the Chicago Bulls and the NBA, what Mike Tyson was to boxing, and what Tiger Woods is to golf,” said Michael Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel to Donald J. Trump, and COO of Affliction Entertainment Group. “Through his abilities, Affliction Entertainment intends to attract more fighters to the sport that represents the highest standards of athleticism.”

In addition to announcing the new reality series, Affliction Entertainment also announced the renewal of their relationship with M-1 Global. With the M-1 Global partnership ongoing, the reality series will look to build worldwide popularity for Mixed Martial Arts, Fedor, and Affliction Entertainment. .

“The goal is to continue to build visibility and truly to find the next Fedor,” said Joost Raimond, Operations Manager of M-1 Global. “Talent might not always get the opportunity to get into mainstream. You might have a great fighter in Spain but he needs a door to enter into this world. We want guys that we are convinced can fight Fedor and win.”

“Fighting Fedor” will be filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia to further capture the international audience and to discover the future star of Mixed Martial Arts through rigorous competition. The fifteen episode series will commence shooting in April, with the earliest possible premier date targeted for June 2009.