by Frank Trigg – MMAWeekly
MMA Fighter Frank Trigg gives his breakdown of UFC 59 exclusively on MMAWeekly.com.

“Alright people, time for you to listen up so you can be smart. Here’s how I see UFC 59…

Jason Lambert vs Terry Martin – Martin has dominated everyone before he’s fought except his one loss as he got caught by James Irvin. Martin was winning that fight too, until he got caught. Lambert is a tough guy but he will have a tough time taking down Martin and Terry’s hands are wicked.

Thiago Alves vs Derrek Noble – Repeat of their first fight. Noble has his number and will win again just like the first time. Noble in the upset.

Karo Parisyan vs Nick Thompson – I really like Karo a lot, but Nick is salty and is a tough matchup for anyone. I want to pick Parisyan and he deserves a title shot, but Thompson’s wrestling background makes him difficult to beat and the way Thompson competed in Division 1 wrestling at Wisconsin makes him difficult to beat in this fight. I will take Thompson.

David Terrell vs Scott Smith – I pick Smith because he’s better on his feet and he can defend well enough against submissions on the ground. Smith can KO you with either hand and so the upsets keep coming. I pick Smith.

Nick Diaz vs Sean Sherk – I like Sherk in this fight for a few reasons. Sherk won’t get hit. No one is ever really able to catch him with a clean shot and I believe Sherk will get takedown after takedown after takedown and win by decision.

Evan Tanner vs Justin Levens – I think Tanner is back to the old Evan Tanner. Tanner wouldn’t do a single interview, he’s moving to California full-time to train and I think he’s re-focused. He looks to be in excellent shape. Levens is a stud, but this is just too much to take on, on short notice.

Pay de Pano vs Jeff Monson – Pay de Pano brings more as a whole to the fight game. Pay De Pano can outstrike Monson and I believe his ground game is a little better than Monson’s. I’m not sure what Monson does better than Pay de Pano except wrestle. I think it’s a tough match for Monson who has been on a big time roll.

Forrest Griffin vs Tito Ortiz – I’ve gone back and forth in this one. I will take Griffin in this one in an upset. Tito will be stood up a lot more than he’s used to in this fight. Griffin’s stand up is better and Griffin has better submissions than Tito. I just have a feeling on this one.

Tim Sylvia vs Andrei Arlovski – I really want Tim to win this because I think he is a great champion. I know people are saying Arlovski has a bum knee but I don’t care. He’s not going to stand in front and swing. He has a better shot at a submission than a KO. Andrei will try to get him down and finish in my opinion.