by Frank Trigg – MMAWeekly.com
What the hell just happened. Are you kidding me? My man Riggs couldn’t make one pound? Weird, bizarre, call it whatever the hell you want but the bottom line. Am I surprised? Not really and this is why.

Two years ago Joe Riggs was a fat bastard weighing in at 300 pounds. I give Joe a hell of a lot of credit. Some guys would just stay fat, Riggs said “I need to get my fat ass into shape” and he did. He moved down to 205, then 185 and now tries to make 170.

Remember this though. He has only made 170 once. Count’em, one time. If you haven’t been there before, you don’t know how to get there. I think Rich Franklin may have figured it now a third time. For Riggs this is just his second time ever. I’m not surprised he couldn’t make weight.

What I am surprised about though is that he couldn’t cut just one pound. That’s bizarre and I personally can’t believe he couldn’t make it. Something doesn’t sound right to me. He was either stressed out to the max and his body couldn’t settle down to make the weight. If that’s the case then he would’ve been killed tonight in the Octagon anyway. Mentally he’s gotta be shot. If you can’t make a pound then mentally you have to be questioning yourself. Most guys get one shot at a title. I was lucky enough to get two. Mentally he has to be a mess tonight. He may get the sh#$ kicked out of him tonight if that’s the case.

This is what I do know, the UFC better pray to god that St.Pierre wins tonight and that Hughes wins. If Sherk wins tonight it screws it all up. Actually worst case scenario for the UFC is if Riggs KO’s Hughes, then St.Pierre beats Sherk because then you can’t put St.Pierre vs Riggs together because it won’t be for the title. Hell if Sherk beats St.Pierre then you are really screwed because Hughes vs Sherk II or Hughes vs St.Pierre II is fine for the UFC. Riggs knocking out Hughes will set the divison back years because it will take a long time to build those storylines that they’ve focused on for the past two years.

I don’t think they have anything to worry about because mentally I don’t know how Riggs can win this fight after what happened the past 24 hours. This could be ugly tonight period.

As far as the fight goes I was asked about this on MMAWeekly Radio yesterday. Sean’s got to use his height to his advantage. He’s a short guy so he can step inside. He has very short arms, very short legged. He has a very long torso. He needs to step inside St.Pierre. Keep him from using his reach, his length. The thing about St.Pierre is everything he does… he’s very unorthodox. He’s super, super athletic. Probably one of the most athletic guys out there right now. But he’s very wide, very long, very reachy. Almost like a Karate type with no kind of style. Like everything he does is very open. Sherk has the ability to take him down because he’s so small and so compact, stay inside, bang St.Pierre off the inside, take him down, and use his amazing wrestling ability.

Sean’s wrestling ability as a competitor really wasn’t that good. When he made the transformation to MMA his wrestling actually got better. He has an amazing style. I give it to Sherk. I think his wrestling for MMA is better than any other wrestlers that’s out there right now. He truly knows how to use it to his advantage, and does it very well. He gets inside St.Pierre, takes him down to the ground, and not so much of a lay and pray kind of style. I’d like to see him get more of a Hughes style which is more of a maul and brawl with a sit up and post up in the mount again, and bang him out and hit him.

I think he can really frustrate St.Pierre from his back. Not make it as boring as in the past, but it will be a little bit slower pace than we’re seeing with St.Pierre. I think Sean can definitely pull out a hard decision especially with the extra emotion he has because of his family stuff back home in Minnesota.

Turning the tables, what does George St.Pierre need to do to come away with the win? Keep Sean off of him. Keep him away from him. Keep using his long reach, and his long kicks, keep back-peddling. St.Pierre has a really good style of, every-now-and-again, almost like a Chuck Liddell when he back-peddles he can still hit you, still strike at you.

He needs to back-peddle a little bit, feel Sean out a little bit when Sean comes in with that straight style, and step to the side and keep Sean away from him until he can basically take Sean down himself and get on top of him. That’s the game plan.

After weighing both sides, what’s Frank Trigg’s pick to win this fight? I’ve got to tell you what, I’m not going to lie. It’s a big obstacle for Sherk to come over. I still think St.Pierre’s the heavy favorite, but I like Sherk in this fight. I really do. Listen to me people. I really do like Sherk. I think Sherk’s going to be the best Sherk we’ve seen in a very, very long time; even better than when he fought Hughes. That could be a problem for GSP tonight. It’s been your pleasure. I gotta take a piss. I’m out. YOU KNOW!