Trigg’s Take On Alistair vs Igor

by Jeff Cain

Alistair Overeem and Igor Vovchanchyn at Pride GP 2005

Alistair Overeem and Igor Vovchanchyn at Pride GP 2005

MMAWeekly SoundOff Radio co-host and UFC welterweight contender, Frank Trigg, breaks down the Pride Middleweight Grand Prix match up between Alistair Overeem and Igor Vovchanchyn. Trigg’s in-depth expert analysis is exclusive to

Discussing Igor Vovchanchyn, Frank Trigg said, “He’s not a very big heavyweight. I think he does better at 205. I think he’s in better shape at 205 because he has been concentrating on his diet…I like him better at 205. I think he can stand to lose even a little bit more weight. I don’t think he’s a great heavyweight, and I think he’s a lot better 205 pounder.”

Trigg added, “If you lose the weight correctly you’re going to have the same muscle mass, but less fat which means he’s going to be able to move his fist with the same amount of power, but faster because it’s lighter. It’s less weight behind it. You know what I’m saying? There’s less fat on it, so it’s going to be just as powerful hitting a lighter guy.”

Switching gears to Alistair Overeem Trigg commented, “He’s from a Dutch camp. You know he’s from Amsterdam, and you know he’s got great kickboxing skills. He, reportedly, he’s not scared to be on the ground. He’s not scared to fight off his back…But he hasn’t shown it that much, so we really don’t have a good scouting report on him.”

Who’s the better striker? According to Trigg, “The better, technical striker is definitely Overeem. He’s definitely a better striker, but Vovchanchyn is more violent with it. The knockout factor has got to go with Vovchanchyn.” Trigg further stated, “Here is how I see it. Overeem will hit you five times, Vovchanchyn will hit you twice, and when you get hit twice you’re going to fall down.”

From the clinch, who will be better? Frank feels, “In the clinch, I think Vovchanchyn is better in the clinch of his size, and his bully ability. He bullies you around in there. He forces his power upon you. He forces his will upon you. I don’t think Overeem will be able to handle that.”

The ground game according to Frank was, “It’s kind of a toss up because neither one of these guys seem to do very well on the ground although Vovchanchyn has a couple of more submissions on the ground than Overeem does. I tell you what, I think Vovchanchyn is better. I really do. I think he’s better on the ground even though Overeem really isn’t scared to be down there. I just think Vovchanchyn has better technique on the ground.”

Trigg’s final analysis was, “We are trying to pick apart two fighters that we’re not really sure. Anybody can do anything when they get in there, but I’ve got to tell you what. I think that Vovchanchyn can step right inside and start banging Overeem on the inside.”

Trigg’s picked Igor in this match up. He said, “I’m going to go out on a limb and say Vovchanchyn.”