MMAWeekly Radio’s Frank Trigg is in Toronto, Canada with host Ryan Bennett as the dynamic duo are doing work for the first network in North America to cover fights 24/7 in the Fight Network.

When Trigg landed in Canada, he had no idea that he would be helping local law enforcement. Three gunman pulled out guns out of his vehicle and started shooting at street signs on a busy highway.

Trigg saw the vehicle and immediatly called 9-1-1 and trailed the vehicle for a few miles. Once local law enforcement caught up with Trigg and the three gunman, they pursued the assailant until they were able to apprehend the gunman.

As police where taking down Trigg’s statement, one law enforcement official asked Trigg if he was the “aren’t you the guy that fights”. Trigg said yes and the police said thanks for his role as a citizen. The mayor is expected to call the former WFA Champion on Monday to give his gratitude.