by Jeff Cain
MMAWeekly broke the story that Frank Trigg was released by the UFC after his loss to George St.Pierre Saturday night. Trigg commented for the first time exclusively to MMAWeekly about his release, and his fighting future.

Frank Trigg stated, “It’s kind of unfortunate. I thought they’d at least keep me around for a couple of more, but Joe and Dana are kind of in the position if I beat St.Pierre what were they going to do with me? I couldn’t immediately rematch Matt. I was going to have to go through and do this long drawn out thing of basically going through the show, you know, just beating up all the guys from the show because there’s no reason to fight Matt again with two loses, and now that I lost to St.Pierre, I’ll never have a shot at Matt again. I’ll go down as 0-2 against Matt…and that’s just the end of it. I’m not going to get a shot at him ever again.”

Trigg went on to say, “The best thing for me really that would happen is to have George beat Matt, and to have me go off to some other organization and kick the crap out of some other guys, and then when George beats Matt then hopefully I can convince enough people, convince the fans, and Dana and Joe that I should come back in and fight George again hopefully for a title shot after I prove that I can put myself back in there…The best three guys in the world in the weight class happen to be in the same organization.”

We’ll see if Frank Trigg can battle his way back to the UFC. He won’t be the first fighter to have to fight his way back in, but he hopes to become the most recent. Only time will tell, but some organization out there is going to land a top five welterweight on his path back to the big show.