Bas Rutten surprised everyone regarding his announcement that he has left DSE/Pride on Tuesday. Rutten explained on his website his situation of why he no longer will be working for the promotion. Bas also issued a statement that Frank Trigg is taking over his spot which may or may not be true. The reason being? Trigg himself hasn’t been offered the position.

“The bottom line is I have not been hired to replace Bas Rutten. I’ve been hired to do all the Bushido shows for 2006. I haven’t been offered to replace Bas on the regular Pride pay per views…”, Trigg told MMAWeekly.com.

Trigg went on to say, “I’m looking forward to doing not only the Bushido shows, but the Fox Sports Network Pride specials once a month as well. It’s going to be good working with Jay Glaser on the broadcasts so it will be a lot of fun and something I’ve always wanted to do in my career, which is sports broadcasting.”

Is Trigg ready to jump in the broadcast booth? “Of course..” said MMAWeekly Radio host Ryan Bennett. “Trigg and I have worked on the Jungle Fight shows 1-4 and he was great and brings a very unique perspective to the fight game that people will find interesting. We also did work for the Fight Network and Trigg is very good in front of the camera. Trigg never sugar coats anything… which people like, but he’s also very articulate and will be a huge benefit to Pride and DSE. I’m the biggest Bas fan in the world and would love to see him stay with Pride, but if Pride does make a change, Trigg is a perfect addition to the team with Mauro.” Bennett said.