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Frank Trigg goes one on one with his broadcasting partner, Ryan Bennett as Trigg addresses plenty of subjects, from his previous fights to his future events.

MMAWeekly.com: Is the old Frank Trigg back?

Frank Trigg: Sure . . . whatever. I was gone for a year, so yeah I’m back.

MMAWeekly.com: What do you mean you were gone?

Trigg: I was gone right before the last Hughes fight. I had a hell of a lot going on. The divorce caught up with me, not being able to see my kids, my finances, losing to Matt twice the same way, it all caught up with me. It’s taken me awhile to figure it out, but I have.”

MMAWeekly.com: Same thing with St.Pierre?

Trigg: “I didn’t want to fight that much. I was still pissed about the Hughes fight. If I beat Georges then what. What did that do for me? I wasn’t getting a title fight with Hughes even if I won. That’s the only fight in the history of my career I should have never fought. You told me that, people close to me told me about it, everyone told me about it. I shouldn’t have taken the fight. I wasn’t in a good place mentally, but you know I never turn down a fight. That’s the one fight I should have turned down. You live and learn.

MMAWeekly: You bounce back with a win over Ronald Jhun. How would you grade your performance in that fight?

Trigg: C. My boxing was an A. My ability to fight was good. The fight was probably a C or C+ on my end. Two losses were on my mind and I didn’t want three. I fought not to lose instead of winning. I was average in that fight.

MMAWeekly: What did you learn about that fight?

Trigg: It showed me even when I half train half hearted that I’m still a very good fu$%^ing fighter. I don’t want to say I’ve trained harder at this point of my career, but I’ve trained smarter and more efficient. I’m smarter now.

MMAWeekly: Let’s talk about this fight and tournament. I will give you a name, and you give me a response. Carlos Condit

Trigg: “He’s young, he’s hungry and he’s tough. But, he’s not as hungry as me he isn’t as tough as me and he isn’t as good looking as me. Translation I will beat his ass.”

MMAWeekly.com: “What’s your thought on Jake Shields?”

Trigg – “Who”

MMAWeekly.com: Jake Shields . . .

Trigg: “Who”.

MMAWeekly.com: Jake Shields

Trigg: “Never heard of him . . . next question.”

MMAWeekly.com: How about Yushin Okami?

Trigg: I had that for dinner last night, it was good.

MMAWeekly.com: How about the fighter?

Trigg: I don’t know much about him. He may be the worst match up for me because I know the least about him. He might get through Shields but I doubt it. I could have problems with that dude if I don’t pay attention.

MMAWeekly.com: How would you sum up 2005?

Trigg: The worst year of my fuc%ing life.

MMAWeekly.com: And 2006?

Trigg: The best year of my life. I can feel it. Just watch.

MMAWeekly: Has Frank Trigg trained for this fight?

(Editor’s Note: Find out for yourself. Watch Trigg train right now on MMAWeekly TV)