by MMAWeekly.com Staff
Training camps are alive and well for all the UFC fighters including MMAWeekly Radio’s very own Frank Trigg. Trigg is training for his upcoming fight with some of MMA’s elite. There will be one fighter missing however.

MMAWeekly has learned that Tito Ortiz will now be training with Ivan Salaverry up in Seattle instead of attending the training camp in Sacramento. With Tito aside, the fighters who will be training in Northern California is a pretty incredible list.

Trigg said “I’m looking forward to this. I’ve already had a great training camp with the guys in Las Vegas and now I get to go against Randy Couture, Rampage, and James Irvin. Those guys are all world class fighters.”

Trigg has mixed things up for this upcoming fight. Instead of staying in Southern California at R-1, he has spent time in Las Vegas working out in Las Vegas at John Lewis’ J-Sect school. “It’s been a great working environment. I’ve been working out with a few pro boxers there, of course John Lewis, Jay Hieron, Andy Wang and others. It’s been great.”

Obviously getting a chance to work with Couture and the crew in Sacramento will be a great way to get ready to train for Georges St.Pierre. “The thing that’s really going to help me is the tremendous cardio that Couture brings to this camp. The cardio work is legendary with Couture and this will get me to a whole different level than I’ve been.” Trigg said.

“This not only gives me big athletic guys to work out with, but these guys I’m working out with can put some weight behind the technique compared to a guy like St.Pierre. If you have athletic big fighters like Irvin, Couture and Rampage slugging on you with an extra 35 to 40 pounds, then that is power that no one can deliver in my weight class period. There isn’t a punch he’s going to throw that compares to what these guys bring.”

Speaking of St.Pierre, despite what he’s said in the past, Trigg does respect St.Pierre. “He is a tough young kid that is part of that new breed style. That wide open Muay Thai/Karate/submission style. He is the typical prototype of the new fighters.

He is the future of the weight class and will be champion one day, but that will be after Matt and I retire. He’s very dangerous and probably faster than me, but he’s also smaller than me. He can’t hit as hard as me and that’s what he’s about to find out in this fight. I will wear him down and finish him period. End of story.”