Trigg Breaks Down Penn vs Gracie

July 23, 2005

BJ Penn at K-1 Hawaii

BJ Penn at K-1 Hawaii

When it comes to the topic of BJ Penn, UFC welterweight contender, and MMAWeekly Sound Off Radio co-host, Frank Trigg, has never been at a loss for words especially when asked for his opinion. Trigg was asked about the up coming match between BJ Penn and Renzo Gracie July 29th in Hawaii.

Frank Trigg was questioned what Renzo can do to win this fight. Trigg commented, “Well BJ’s hands are too good to make that huge of an improvement for Renzo’s style between now and then, so what Renzo’s going to have to do, what he hasn’t done in his last couple of fights, is come in, in amazing shape. That’s probably the one thing that he’s going to do differently is come in, in just incredible shape to be able to handle BJ’s high energy when he fights. And like I said, I don’t think there’s enough time to improve his hands enough to beat BJ’s hands, but he’s going to have to be sneaky about it. If I were Renzo, knowing Renzo’s style, and knowing BJ’s style, if I were going to change something to fight BJ, the only thing really that Renzo can do to improve upon in this amount of time that he has is to just come in, in the best shape he’s ever been in.”

Who’s better on the ground, BJ Penn or Renzo Gracie? In Trigg’s opinion, “I think BJ’s a little bit better on the ground just because he’s a little bit more flexible. He can get in some strange positions that most guys can’t get their legs and their bodies into. I think he’s got just a little bit of a better spot on the ground, but I think Renzo’s a little bit better on top from the top position than BJ is as far as the fight game goes, but I think BJ’s better on the bottom, and I think BJ’s better on the bottom with Renzo on top than the roles reversed…I just feel BJ has a slight, slight edge in that. I really think the big edge in this fight is going to be who’s in better shape, and BJ’s hands. I think that’s going to be a huge factor in this fight.”

Trigg picked BJ Penn to defeat Renzo Gracie. He feels that BJ has the better hands of the two, and has the edge on the ground. The only question in his mind was which fighter will show up in the better shape. July 29th, all the questions will be answered.