Trigg Breakdown Baroni vs Chonan

July 15, 2005

Phil Baroni and Ryo Chonan at Pride Bushido 8

Phil Baroni and Ryo Chonan at Pride Bushido 8

MMAWeekly SoundOff Radio host, and MMA broadcaster, Ryan Bennett, and UFC welterweight contender Frank Trigg discussed Bushido 8 on today’s radio show. If you missed the show, click on the radio archive. They talked about several matches, and here’s what they had to say about Phil Baroni vs. Ryo Chonan.

Frank Trigg said, “I’m putting my money on Baroni. I think he’s due, but just remember don’t bet any money that you’re not willing to lose…I just think he’s back. I think Pride’s a better organization for him. Baroni’s a violent fighter, and when he knocks a guy down he wants to kick them in the head. He wants to be able to knee them in the head. He wants to be able to blast them through, and in the UFC he can’t do that.

Phil’s best position is when he gives that real quick, all of a sudden in the middle of a stand up war, all of a sudden he slips one punch, and he kind of stuns you. His best position for Phil to win is at that time, and when that guy falls down he just wants to be able to keep kicking you, and kneeing you, and blasting through you, and he can’t do that in the UFC, but he can do it in Pride. I just think Pride’s rules are a better position for him, a better situation for him…I just think it’s better for him all the way around.”

Trigg added, “I just think Phil is a lot better than people are giving him credit for. Absolutely, positively he’s had a bunch of bad fights. Not going to try to lie. Not going to try to make it up. He definitely had a bad time in his career. I think he’s back. I think he’s got the hunger back. I think he’s ready to go…We will find out very shortly who has the bigger heart because that’s basically what this fight is going to come down to, who’s got the bigger nut sack.”

Frank continued to say that Baroni’s had more time to prepare for this fight than for fights in the past, and “He’s back on a streak which means he’s got a little bit more confidence, so he can be a little bit more confident in his training. He’s going to show up in training with a little bit more hey I’m coming here, now I’m gong to train to get better. I’m coming here to kick your ass. OK? He’s walking around right now with a little more cockiness about him, and Phil Baroni does better when he’s cocky. That’s just the bottom line.

Ryan Bennett commented, “Here’s the deal about Phil Baroni. Let me say this. As much as people want to say Phil Baroni gasses out, blah, blah, blah. There’s certain fights that I think he has shown a lot of heart in. With this fight, there are a lot of people right now that are saying if Ryo Chonan gets this fight to the ground, it’s over…The one thing I will say is I think Phil Baroni is really good at submission defense. I truly do. I mean Phil Baroni, he’s 7-5, but in his loses, he lost that decision to Tanner, had that quick stoppage against Tanner, lost a decision to Matt Lindland, lost two decisions to Matt Lindland. I mean I look at his career, he’s never been subbed except for Pete Sell, and that was a fight that he looked awful in. I don’t think you can sub Baroni. I guess we’ll find out real quick if I am wrong on that. We’ll find out this weekend if he can, but you look at Phil’s career, and he’s never really been subbed.”

Both Bennett and Trigg went with Phil Baroni to defeat Ryo Chonan. To hear them break down other fights on the Bushido 8 card, click on the Radio Archive. Not a Premium Member? There’s no better time than right now to become one especially with all the MMA action coming in the weeks ahead. Get inside the action with