Training Day with TJ Dillashaw – Powered by Onnit

On May 24, 2014, at UFC 173, T.J. Dillashaw will compete for the Bantamweight Title against Renan Barao. Dillashaw is going into the title bout carrying a 9-2 record, and as an Onnit Sponsored Athlete, is subjecting himself to a strict training regime to prepare for the title shot.

T.J. Dillashaw is a 28-year-old professional MMA fighter for the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the bantamweight division. His MMA career started after graduating from Cal State Fullerton, where he earned a full scholarship for his accomplishments on the wrestling team. During his final season wrestling at CSUF, he was ranked 10th in the nation for his weight class. In 2010, he joined Team Alpha Male, and made his professional debut.

In 2011, Dillashaw was as a finalist on the television series The Ultimate Fighter, where at the end of the year, he made his UFC debut on The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale. Dillashaw has become one of the top names in his division, winning five of his last six fights in the octagon with the sole loss coming from a controversial split division. Let’s take a look at a typical training day as he begins his quest to UFC Immortality.



Upon rising, Dillashaw prepares his training day with a smoothie to fuel his grueling A.M. workout. Created in his Blendtec blender to give his body the nutrients it demands with the kind of training schedule he carries. This unique breakfast blend usually includes fresh kale, spinach, chard, celery, tomato, carrots, frozen berries, apple juice, chia seeds, banana, Earth Grown Nutrients, and most importantly Hemp Force Protein Superfood. To sweeten the taste of his breakfast concoction he likes to add Killer Bee Honey. Dillashaw will take Vitamin C and Lysine, StrongBone & Joint, and some Krill Oil to wash down along with his breakfast smoothie.

Morning Workout

Dillashaw’s first training session is his morning professional practice which begins at 9:30AM To excite his nervous system he will consume Bulletproof Coffee combined with Alpha Brain before heading in, when combined this cocktail can leave one feeling quite dialed in. These morning professional practices consist of every aspect of mixed martial arts training. Depending on the day, they include anything from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to hard sparring to grappling. After the morning training session, he enjoys a sizable lunch and heads home to relax until his next training session.

Afternoon Workout


For the second training session of the day, he finds himself back in the gym for Bang Muay Thai class at 2:30PM. For the grueling physical and intellectual challenges that comes with Bang Muay Thai Class, Dillashaw prepares with a dose of T+, 180 and Alpha Brain to keep fresh for the next few hours of physical activity.

After drilling technique, he will finish the day off with strength and conditioning. The strength and conditioning routine is a wide variety of athletic movements and footwork to maintain quickness in the gym along with strength training to insure that he is in optimal shape for the octagon. For strength, he is a champion of such training methodologies as the steel mace, kettlebells, weighted vest, and battle ropes.

He tries to incorporate these tools into most of his sessions. Your workout will only take you as far as your post-workout nutrition, so Dillashaw takes a Hemp Force recovery shake after his strength and conditioning sessions. A few hours later he enjoys Spirulina and Chlorella with dinner.

Before Bed

If the training day was particularly taxing, or as he gets closer to the fight date and needs an extra boost to prepare for the following day’s training, he will help himself to a serving of New Mood before bed. Along with New Mood, taking in Melatonin 5 with Lemon Balm to increase recovery while he sleeps to ensure that the next day’s training session starts off on the right foot.