Train And Live With Cowboy Cerrone & Leonard Garcia

The road to being a well trained and successful mixed martial artist can be very long and arduous, but thanks to two WEC superstars, the path just got a little shorter, and probably a lot less expensive as well. Top WEC lightweight contender, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, and featherweight, Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia, have opened up their home in New Mexico to young, up and coming fighters to stay with them and train with the legendary Jackson’s team in Albuquerque.

The offer was extended by both Cerrone and Garcia, who just recently invested in a new house in New Mexico, to help young fighters work and train with a top team, for a minimal cost considering the world-class team they’ll be working with.

“We did this to be able to offer our house as a fighters house to pros and amateurs looking to take their fight games to the next level,” Cerrone said via his Facebook page on Monday. “We already worked out a deal with Greg to have you live with us at our house, and also train at Jackson’s. We will only be offering this to a few people each month. The total cost for the month, which includes a month of training at Jacksons, and a month of living at our house is $ 500.00.”

Many top fighters have already flocked to Jackson’s school to work under his expert tutelage, and now many young pros and amateurs will have the same system to excel under as champions such as Georges St. Pierre and Rashad Evans have been doing over the last few years.

“We designed this with the idea of having up and coming fighters live and train with us to get a feel for what it takes to train and compete at one of the top camps in the world,” Cerrone commented.

This unprecedented offer comes on the heels of the news that Cerrone will be training for a WEC title fight on Sept 2 against Ben Henderson, while Leonard Garcia prepares for an August match-up against Jameel Massouh.

For more information on taking part in this new opportunity please contact Donald Cerrone’s manager, Bryan Hamper, at: