Toughill Loses To Ali In Three

June 12, 2005

Going into last night’s fight with Laila Ali for the first ever World Boxing Council women’s title, Erin Toughill didn’t hide the fact that she doesn’t like Ali or believe that she’s really that dominant of a fighter. In an interview with’s Steve D’Amato, Toughill stated, “I don’t like her and I don’t think she is a phenomenon or any thing… she’s not a slouch or anything but I don’t think she is as amazing as some people are pointing her out to be.”

She continued, talking about the level of competition in women’s boxing by saying, “We are basically all on the same level, give or take a couple of the athletes of the women who are better then some others and that’s why they are going to do a little bit better.”

After last night’s fight, Toughill now may at least be including Ali in that group of female boxers that are a little better athlete than the others. In just three rounds, Ali dismantled Toughill and punished her in the corner with a continuous barrage of punches until the referee was forced to stop the bout. At 1:59 of the third round, Laila Ali became the WBC Super Middleweight Champion.

Toughill landed some solid blows in the first round, but Ali quickly took over, outclassing the professional MMA fighter with both her speed and power. Toughill just couldn’t keep up with Ali.

In front of her father, the legendary Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali improved her professional boxing record to 21-0 and held on to her top ranking with an iron grip. Toughill now sports a still respectable 6-2-1 record in professional boxing.