Torres Says Curran Should Get a Shot… but Bowles Should Be First

“Jeff Curran, he’s a good fighter. He’s been fighting longer than me. He’s been in this sport for a long time. Me and him have a lot of similar qualities in our fighting style. I think a fight with him is going to be inevitable,” says current WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Torres.

“We were supposed to fight in my hometown a couple of times, and for whatever reason, it never worked out. I think one time I tore my ACL. Then he went up in weight. And we never got to match up again. Now he’s come back to 135. I’d be glad to fight him someday.”

Just not right now says Torres, who feels that Brian Bowles, with his recent win over Will Ribeiro, has earned it more than Curran.

“I think Brian Bowles went out in the 135s and has proven himself more than anybody. Jeff Curran called me out, talking some smack. He’s just trying to get a fight without having to work for it. I see a lot of what Brian does… he wants his time; I think it’s his time to get a shot.”

To be sure though, Torres is not in any way writing off a future bout with Curran. In fact, it’s one he feels has to happen, and he’s got the local nailed down, as well.

“It’s going to have to happen in Chicago… It’s going to have to happen for sure. And I think Chicago would be the prefect venue. He has a huge following. He has a huge gym. I have a huge following in my hometown. It would sell out for sure, easily.”

But for now, the No. 1 bantamweight fighter in the world feels it’s Bowles’ turn for a crack at his title.