Topps Announces Round 1 of UFC Trading Cards, GSP and Serra Signings


Topps and The UFC are pleased to announce that the first ever UFC exclusive trading card product will ship mid-late January 2009… and it’s appropriately named “TOPPS UFC-ROUND ONE!”

Each 16-pack box delivers plenty of value and content with a guarantee of 3 AUTOGRAPHS and 3 RELICS and will feature the likes of Georges St-Pierre, Royce (pronounced Hoyce) Gracie, Anderson Silva, Forrest Griffin and many more UFC superstars.

The 100-card base set includes 90 different fighters’ debut match and a mix of personalities such as Dana White and the Octagon Girls. And to accompany UFC’s exhilarating action photography found throughout the product, UFC fans and collectors can also find the following:

PARALLEL CARDS (100) – Overall Insert Rate: 1 per Pack

  • Gold Parallel
  • Black Parallel #’d to 888
  • Red Parallel #’d 1 of 1


  • Top 10 Fights of ‘08: The 10 best fights from 2008. Each fight will have 4 cards commemorating the contest (1:4 packs)
  • 20 Victorious Debuts: Includes single fighter image of them in victory pose (1:4)
  • Gold Parallel #’d to 88
  • Red Parallel #’d to 1


  • Fighters/Personalities Autographs (50 subjects)
  • Fighters Red Ink Nickname Autographs (40 subjects) #’d 25.


  • Fight Mat relics (50 cards)
  • Gold Parallel #’d 88
  • Red Parallel #’d to 1
  • Dual Autographed Fight Mat Relics (10) Features 1 piece of mat and 2 autographs. #’d to 25
  • Ultimate Gear Relics (20 subjects) Featuring event-used gloves, shorts or shirts. These are single subject cards #’d to 199.
  • Autographed Ultimate Gear Relics (20 subjects) #’d to 25


  • Instant Win cards for tickets to an upcoming UFC event.


Each 8-card pack carries a $5 SRP and can be found exclusively at hobby shops and UFC events.

Georges St. Pierre Topps UFC Card Signing:

Matt Serra Topps UFC Card Signing: