by Jeff Cain
Frank Trigg, co-host of MMAWeekly Radio with host Ryan Bennett said on the air yesterday that he is planning on fighting at the end of November. That is pending his doctor clears him to fight.

The surgery Trigg had on his ankle was the same surgery Terrell Owens had. That was part of Trigg’s argument on why he would come back so soon. “Owens was back playing 6 weeks later in the Super Bowl.” Trigg said on MMAWeekly Radio.

“During that time T.O. had rehab and he still played his game, 90% completely healed. I’m never going to be 100%. It’s impossible to be 100% when you train like I do. I know my body and I’m confident I will be ready to fight in November. The doctor was amazed how it healed and if I’m medically cleared I will fight. I trust my doctor.” Trigg said.

Bennett disagrees “Trigg’s next fight is the most important fight of his career. Why? Because it’s his next fight. He lost two fights in a row to the UFC Champion and probably the UFC future champ. He can’t afford another loss in my opinion and is dumb to take a fight six weeks later after ankle surgery.” Bennett said on the radio.

Either way if the doctor clears the ankle, don’t be surprised if Trigg is part of the 170 pound tournament being put on by Rumble on the Rock. Names already rumored for the card are Charuto Verissimo, Jake Shields, Ronald “Machine Gun” Jhun among others. Trigg is being considered for Wallid Ismail’s Jungle Fight on November 26th as well.