Tony Ferguson talks about KO loss to Michael Chandler: ‘It was a scary feeling’

Former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson was brutally knocked out by Michael Chandler on the UFC 274 main card on May 7.

‘El Cucuy’ hadn’t fought in a year when he entered the octagon against Chandler at the Footprint Center in Phoenix and had lost his three previous bouts. While the 38-year old looked impressive in the opening frame, he became a highlight reel in the opening moments of the second frame.

On Wednesday, Ferguson opened up about the KO loss in an Instagram post.

“I Took a big kick to the dome this past Saturday inside that Octagon… It put me out for a longtime. It was a scary feeling not remembering anything from beginning of second round all the way until I walked up to the ambulance. I thank God EVERYDAY I made the trip back to reality,” Ferguson wrote.

“All jokes aside, I didn’t mean to scare you all, should have done things different like keep my “Hands Up & Chin Down.” My fault I lost, props to Chandler for the highlight real finish. I have many things to work on, not just competing. One Battle At A Time. I’m not perfect by any means, but I’ll continue to strive for it in-N-out of the practice room ( Perfection: an unobtainable goal) Someone wise once told me “Perfect practice makes perfect.” There’s always more to learn & being coachable is big. I’m Beyond greatful. My movements are ok, my bones are intact & except for a slight headache in the mornings I’m glad to be back & doing what I Love ( light duty). I want to be better than yesterday for sure,.. not for anyone else but for me. Making good adjustments daily, and will continue to do so- Champ -XTA2- Hometeam. Thanks For Being Great, You’re The Best Crew A Type Of Guy Like Me Could Ask For. *respect* Gonna watch my fight now for the first time. Cleared and ready to learn again.”

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