by Scott Petersen Translation by Yohichi Komine
Hideo Tokoro shocked the world last night as he took out one of the premiere fighters in the world in Alexandre Franca ‘Pequeno’ Nogueira. Even Hero’s promoter, Maeda, was very surprised. Maeda called Tokoro “Daikinboshi” which is sumo wrestling terminology, used to praise a very low level sumo wrestler when he beats a Yokozuna ( the highest rank in sumo). Not only was Maeda very surprised about the win, but he was very happy about Tokoro using a guillotine technique that Maeda showed him before the match.

So what did ‘Pequeno’ Nogueira have to say? Nogueira said that he was not 100% for the fight. He had a knee injury which stopped his training at some point and it was questionable whether he would make the journey to Japan for the fight. But ‘Pequeno’ did say that Tokoro is a splendid player and that Tokoro was stronger than himself.

After three rounds the fight was called a draw, and it was at eight seconds of the bonus round that Tokoro scored a KO victory by sending Alexandre Franca ‘Pequeno’ Nogueira to the mat by a spinning back fist. ‘Pequeno’ went on to say that he didn’t have enough time to train and that his stamina was lacking in the second round. He said he wasn’t able to judge the spinning backfist calmly so he got caught. But in the end he reiterated that Tokoro is a good fighter.