TJ Dillashaw Isn’t Concerned About What Happens to the Flyweight Division After Saturday Night

January 16, 2019

T.J. Dillashaw has a lot on his mind heading into his main event showdown against Henry Cejudo on Saturday night but the future of the flyweight division isn’t one of them.

The current bantamweight champion is dropping down to 125 pounds for the opportunity to win a second world title in hopes of becoming the fourth fighter in recent UFC history to hold two championships simultaneously.

With the title fight have also come a lot of questions about the future of the flyweight division after several fighters were released just recently while claiming that the UFC was axing the 125-pound weight class.

Meanwhile, former champion Demetrious Johnson was traded away to ONE Championship only furthering the speculation that the UFC is cashing in its chips after first launching the flyweight division back in 2012.

For his part, Dillashaw isn’t losing any sleep about the future of the flyweight division after he attempts to wrestle the title away from Cejudo this weekend.

Dillashaw maintains that his goals revolve around his own career and he can’t be worried about what the UFC will ultimately decide to do with the rest of the 125-pound roster assuming he’s victorious.

“I’m not really too worried about it,” Dillashaw said about the future of the flyweight division. “This is a selfish sport. I’m not worried about what they’re going to do with the weight class or what they’re doing with everyone else. I’m worried about being the greatest of all time.”

As soon as the fight with Cejudo was official, Dillashaw stated that the UFC was sending him down to flyweight as a paid assassin of sorts to eliminate the champion and thus close down the division.

In reality, Dillashaw says he’s had no formal conversations about what happens to the flyweights after this fight is finished but none of that really matters anyways until he gets past Cejudo.

“There’s always rumors of stuff going on,” Dillashaw said. “The first conversation is me taking over and winning that belt.”