Tito Ortiz vindicated, Combate Americas victory over Alberto ‘El Patron’ reinstated

In a whirlwind of flip-flopping results, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation again changed the result of the Tito Ortiz vs. Alberto “El Patron” Rodriguez bout. The TDLR this time reinstated the original result, which was a submission victory in Ortiz’s favor.

The two battled in the main event of Combate Americas’ first pay-per-view event in December of 2019. 

The former UFC champion made quick work of El Patron. His wealth of experience was evident from the opening moments of the fight. The two exchanged a couple of punches before El Patron took Ortiz to the canvas, but Ortiz immediately scrambled to side control and never looked back.

Though El Patron escaped to his feet a couple of times, Ortiz continually put him back on the mat, all the while punching relentlessly. El Patron kept trying to find a way out, but Ortiz eventually took his back and sank a rear-naked choke that forced him to tap out. 

Earlier this week, it was reported that the TDLR had changed Ortiz’s victory to a no contest pending further investigation. There were no details provided as to what the issue was that caused the change.

Ortiz blasted the ruling, saying on Instagram, “This is a BS claim and will get overturned. I promise you all. Sad way to get attention at my expense.”

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After changing the outcome back to its original submission victory for Ortiz, TDLR spokesperson Tela Mange provided the following statement to MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin on Friday:

A urine sample provided by Jacob “Tito” Christopher Ortiz on Dec. 7, 2019, at the Combate Americas MMA event showed a potentially disqualifying substance that Ortiz claimed was prescribed by a physician. Pending the outcome of the TDLR inquiry into whether the substance was indeed prescribed by a physician, TDLR marked the fight results as “No Contest.” TDLR confirmed with the physician that the item was prescribed to Ortiz. TDLR has reinstated Ortiz’s victory in the Dec. 7 bout.

“Nothing to be said,” Ortiz wrote to MMA Fighting via text message when asked about the ruling. “The truth set me free. A mistake was made at the expense of my name. I want to thank my fans that trusted and believed in me.”