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Forrest Griffin is “the next victim on my list” according to Tito Ortiz. MMAWeekly TV has the exclusive with Tito about TUF 3, Ken Shamrock and more.

Ortiz had plenty to say about the upcoming edition of The Ultimate Fighter 3 where he addresses the question as to how many scraps he’s been in with Shamrock.

Tito also gave his thoughts about Forrest Griffin saying he was quote “sacrificing himself for their fight” and that Griffin was “the next victim on my list”. Ortiz talks with MMAWeekly TV about his thoughts on Griffin as a competitor for their showdown in California.

Tito also discussed how he feels being in the UFC again more on his 3 fights this year with the company and see what happens when during the interview, his friend Ken Shamrock just happened to be coming down the escalator during the interview and see what happened.

Ortiz also gave his prediction of his fight with Ken Shamrock as well as who his new training team is, not to mention his new line of clothes called “Team Ortiz”. It’s all up right now on MMAWeekly TV.

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