Tito Ortiz Claims UFC Offerend Cris Cyborg Fight vs. Ronda Rousey in Dallas Stadium

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UFC Hall of Famer and current Bellator title contender Tito Ortiz joined Inside MMA on Friday night to talk about a number of subjects, but primarily his upcoming fight with Bellator light heavyweight champ Liam McGeary.

While Ortiz talked quite a bit about his career and upcoming fight, he also talked about the prospect of Fedor Emelianenko joining the Bellator roster upon his return, and then dropped the bomb of the interview: that the UFC had offered Cris Cyborg the fight everyone has been wanting to see with UFC champ Ronda Rousey.

This obviously has to be listed under the “for what it’s worth” category, but Ortiz said that in talking with Cyborg, she told him that the UFC had offered her a fight opposite Rousey at AT&T Stadium (aka Dallas Cowboys Stadium) in Dallas.

“I’ve heard from Cris, actually… that they offered the (Rousey) fight to Cris. I know her management said yes. I’ve told her, ‘Let’s do it.’ So, I guess, the ball is all in Ronda’s corner,” Ortiz told Ron Kruck and Bas Rutten. “Ronda wants to do it. Dana said if Cris comes down to 135, he’ll make the fight happen. Let’s see if Ronda accepts the fight.”

While it’s true that the UFC has been zeroing in on holding an event at AT&T Stadium, and it’s true that UFC president Dana White has said that once Cyborg makes 135 pounds, the fight with Rousey is on, there are still a few hurdles to overcome in this scenario.

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Chief among them is that Cyborg has never fought at 135 pounds. The UFC has not been willing to make the fight with Rousey until Cyborg has made the weight and fought elsewhere to prove she can safely do it. It’s not likely going to be enough that she says she will make the weight, as she has struggled in the past to make 145 pounds.

Cyborg having yet to fight at 135 pounds also plays into another hurdle, which is time. The UFC is currently contemplating an event at AT&T Stadium in December – potentially with fights featuring Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor and Rousey vs. Miesha Tate – which gives Cyborg little time to be get in a fight at 135 to show she could be ready by December.

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It’s the fight that everyone wants: the fighters want it, the promotion wants it, the fans want it. It’s a fight that, in and of itself, could probably fill the better part of the stadium in Dallas.

“It will be the biggest pay-per-view of all time and Ronda will not have her hand raised,” said Ortiz.

The UFC has yet to comment on Ortiz’s remarks, but don’t hold your breath on the fight happening as soon as Ortiz’s comments might lead you to believe.

(Video courtesy of Inside MMA)

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