Live Audio Wrestling

Sunday night Tito Ortiz appeared on The LAW radio program, (Live Audio Wrestling) just one night after defeating Forrest Griffin in a very close split decision victory. On the show Tito claimed that Forrest had his legs greased with baby oil and therefore had a hard time taking Forrest down after the 1st round.

Ortiz said, “He was a little greased behind the legs. I guess it’s like the old saying ‘If your not cheating your not trying huh?’ I tried to grab his legs and they kept slipping off.”

Ortiz did say that Griffin was a tough competitor saying, “Forrest has a big heart and he wouldn’t be where he was if he didn’t show heart. He’s a tough kid.”

Ortiz talked to the LAW about his injuries including a partial MCL and ACl tear saying, “My shots would have been deeper and I think if I’m 100% it doesn’t go the whole fight. I didn’t have complete stability. We will see how the MRI looks and go from there. I shouldn’t have taken the fight because of my knee, but I got through it. I didn’t want to let anyone down so I fought. Forrest is a tough, tough guy. Give him credit.”

Also on The LAW, Ryan Bennett of MMAWeekly.com talks with the guys about UFC 59, what happened with Tito vs Forrest, Sylvia vs Arlovski and more.

To listen to the entire jam packed edition of The LAW with Tito Ortiz and more on his injury plus IFL co-owner Kurt Otto, go to http://www.liveaudiowrestling.com