by Joe Pawlus (Photos by Thomas Michael Rozdzynski)

C3 Evolution

(Photos courtesy of Thomas Michael Rozdzynski – ThruMyEye.com)


Written by Joe Pawlus


HAMMOND, Ind. – Although the Horseshoe Casino’s Venue
is not the MGM Grand, it is the closest arena that the Chicagoland area has in
the way of venues. The Corral Combat Classic made its casino debut with a great
lineup during its recent Evolution event.


In the main event, bantamweight Jared McMahan maintained his
undefeated record and retained the belt as he took down Jeff Neil’s team member
Brad Fonck. It was a fast and furious fight with McMahan controlling the pace.
After putting his opponent on the ground, he used top control to neutralize
Fonck’s game. Fonck gave McMahan a run for his money, demonstrating a set of
descent sweeps and escapes, but McMahan was a little too much for the Carlson
Gracie blue belt. McMahan ended Fonck’s night halfway through the first round
with a rear naked choke.


The co-main event featured featherweights Kevin English
versus Kris Kanaley. The first round was a war as the two combatants evenly
exchanged strikes for the entirety. English, who was coming back after several
months out with an injured knee, looked relaxed, and showed very little effects
from the time off.


However, Kanaley, who wrestled at Purdue, finally tackled
English to the mat in the second round. After procuring side control, Kanaley
finished the fight with a side-control Kimura/keylock. This win earned Kanaley
the C3 featherweight belt.


The other featured fight of the evening was a battle of
brown belts as time-tested veteran lightweight Kyle Watson threw down with
Steve Reyna. During a first round takedown, Reyna managed to break Watson’s
nose, but it had little effect. Watson closed the distance, gained side
control, and finished the fight halfway through the second round with a rear
naked choke.


Fight of
the Night
: A fight that definitely deserves to be mentioned is Dan Benoit
versus Martin Jimenez in the featherweight division. Although there were no
significant strikes or submission attempts to be mentioned, these two guys put
on a great show in a two-round amateur match. This was a grappling fest which ended with Benoit capturing a unanimous decision
victory and giving Jimenez his first defeat


-Jared McMahon def. Brad Fonck by Submission (Rear Naked
Choke), R1

-Kyle Watson def. Steve Reyna by Submission (Rear Naked
Choke), R2

-Chris Kanaley def. Kevin English by Submission (Keylock),

-Antonio Canas def. Jose Escobedo by KO at 0:29, R1

-Pat Harmon def. Josh Turner by Unanimous Decision

-Joe Manzello def. Daniel Wanderlay by TKO (Broken Hand), R1

-Ryan Brown def. Jeremy Brown by Submission (Triangle/Armbar)
at 1:40, R1

-Mike Emrich def. Jose Moldanado by KO, R2

-Mike Sands def. Justin Godina by Submission (Guillotine Choke)
at 0:17, R1

-Dan Benoit def. Martin Jimenez by Unanimous Decision

-Bud Wilson def. Kevin Young by Submission (Rear Naked Choke),

-Lloyd Carter def. Mike Reyna by Unanimous Decision