Titan FC Rebuilds and Rebrands as a Launching Pad to the UFC

February 11, 2014

Titan FC LogoAt one time Titan FC was one of the busiest promotions in MMA, routinely holding multiple events a year and helping develop some of the top young talent in the sport.

As things would happen, it wouldn’t last forever and the last couple of years have seen the promotion in a state of flux until recently when Jeff Aronson, formerly of Alchemist Management, took over the company.

Now back at full strength, Titan FC is ready to re-debut on Feb. 28 at Kansas City’s Memorial Hall live on CBS Sports Net.

“The Titan situation arose because I had been looking for the last year and a half to find a promotion for my top prospects that I had signed while I was at Alchemist Management,” said Aronson. “I could not find people to fight our top level guys.

“Talking to other managers in the MMA field, everybody was running into this. It’s kind of become an epidemic where you could not get your guys good, real legitimate fights.”

Aronson explained to MMAWeekly.com that by purchasing an existing brand in Titan with its established personnel made more sense than trying to start a completely new company.

“Starting an organization from scratch would have been very difficult,” he said. “I was looking to be a new rebranded entity and that’s why I went after the Titan brand.

“I brought (Titan founder) Joe Kelly on to help me run the shows for his experience. I brought Joe Wooster on, who is the matchmaker. And I brought in my own guys; my own in-house marketing guys and accounting people and my own sponsorship people. The two groups have acclimated and we’ve just been rocking since I took over a month ago.”

Since taking over the promotion, Aronson has been on a signing spree, bringing on both up-and-comers and established talent in hopes of creating a platform for fighters to take that next step in their career or return to former glory.

“Whether it be top prospects or UFC vets, my goal is to create the platform where we can take the best prospects and veterans in the world, let them face each other and see who the best fighters are, and then allow them to move on to the UFC once they have room for them to come up,” he said.

“I’m thrilled to pass the baton along.”

When it comes to the promotion’s first show of the year on Feb. 28, Aronson says Titan’s partnership with CBS Sports Net will produce a show that will not only establish their partnership, but also deliver the fans some great entertainment.

“I think you’re going to see a brand new look for an MMA organization,” said Aronson. “Firas Zahabi will be commentating on the first card and we have some tremendous fights going on. CBS has been very involved with us on a daily basis. It’s been really exciting moving up to this level.

“It’s been a constant go.”

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