Tim Tebow Could Have Been UFC Heavyweight Champ, Says Brendan Schaub

September 21, 2016

Tim Tebow can’t seem to avoid being in the conversation when it comes to sports. The guy remains one of the most frequently talked about sports figures in the United States, and he doesn’t even play for a professional team. OK, yeah, the former NFL quarterback recently signed a deal with the New York Mets, but apart from hitting one or two home runs during batting practice, he hasn’t played a moment of professional competition since 2012. Yet he somehow remains in Google trends.

And now we’re talking about him being a UFC champion … or at least Brendan Schaub is talking about it.

Schaub was on TMZ recently and gave a bunch of props to Tebow for who knows what reason. To the footage!


“If Tim decided when he was younger to pursue the UFC, he’d be the heavyweight champion of the world,” Schaub said.

Six months of takedown defense training and he’d maul everybody, right? Cain Velasquez would have NO chance, amirite?!

OK, I’ll stop.

But if we’re going to throw Tebow into the MMA world, perhaps he can be an analyst? Pretty sure Dana White would be down with that kind of thing.


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