Tim Means’ wife posts grotesque photo of his broken leg from UFC Wichita fight

*****WARNING: Graphic photo below*****

Tim Means has always been a fighter that leaves it all in the cage when fights. And that’s precisely what he did at UFC Wichita on Saturday night.

Means was his usual aggressive self when he went after Niko Price in their feature fight on the main card. Means was moving forward when Price unleashed a right hand that dropped him. As Means fell, his leg and foot folded under him, which is what caused all the damage. The damage being a broken tibula and ankle, according to Means.

“I do my best to leave it all in the ring every time out, so the fans can get what they paid for. Wasn’t my night. I have to get surgery broken tibula and ankle,” Means wrote on Instagram.

“Niko caught me with a punch and my foot got stuck under me. Much respect to Price. See y’all down the road. Thank you to everyone for the kind words.”

Though Means’ post was accompanied by a shot of him smiling and giving a thumbs up, a post from his wife showed just how grotesque the injury looks and why he needs surgery. That post can be seen below, but it is graphic.

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