Tim Caron weaving his way back starting at Bellator 231

October 25, 2019

Time off is most often an unplanned consequence of the nature of fighting, but sometimes athletes choose to take time off for myriad of reasons. For middleweight Tim Caron, his year off was very purposeful.

Following a loss to Vinicius de Jesus at Dana White’s Contender Series in October of 2018, Caron stepped away from fighting to focus on building a business before deciding to get back to active competition.

“After my last fight I decided to open up my own strength and conditioning gym,” Caron told MMAWeekly.com. “That took a lot of time and energy to start off a business. I was still training here and there, not fight training, but staying with it.

“The gym kicked off well, so I decided might as well start fighting again. I’ve been getting ready since April, so I am more than ready to get into the cage now.”

When it comes to his fight game, Caron was able to use the year off to work on the mental aspect of things and shift his strategy from being a more defensive fighter to being a more aggressive one.

“This year off has been very good for me mentally,” said Caron. “I was always playing the hesitant role, the distant role, and that’s how I would always get caught. I’ve been working on staying tight, staying in my boxing, so you’re going to see more of a brawler status come out of me that hits pretty hard.”

At Bellator 231 on Friday in Uncasville, Connecticut, Caron (9-2) will look to test out his new approach when he faces Lucas Pimenta (8-2) in a preliminary 185-pound bout.

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“The guy hasn’t fought since 2012, so I really have no idea what his game is anymore,” Caron said of Pimenta. “I know he’s a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, but that doesn’t mean anything nowadays; he could be a very good stand-up guy.

“So what I’ve got to do is play my game. All I have to do is stay tight and play my game. If I do those things everything else will fall into place and I’ll get the W.”

For Caron now that he’s back fighting again, he has a very clear idea of where he’d like to go and what he’d like to accomplish in the coming year.

“I kind of have the roadmap,” said Caron. “I’ve weaving my way back to the Contender Series. That’s my goal. I’ve got something to prove back at that show because I screwed it all up last time. That’s my new plan.”