Three for Three in 2012, Masanori Kanehara Targeting UFC in 2013

February 18, 2013

Masanori KaneharaWith wins in five of his last six fights, former Sengoku featherweight champion Masanori Kanehara is on a roll and is having the best streak in his career since claiming that title four years ago.

When asked what’s contributed to his recent success, Kanehara told, “I have changed my weight class from 145 pounds to 135 pounds and also have changed my fighting style.

“I believe these changes led me to the successful 2012 where I was able to finish in all of my fights.”

Having fought almost exclusively in Japan since his career started in 2003, Kanehara is looking to make a move towards fighting more internationally, as he feels this is where the best competition for him will be.

“I have been hoping to fight internationally since years ago,” said Kanehara. “I know I am the best bantamweight in Japan, so I would like to fight these best bantamweights around the world, especially these in the UFC.”

It is his desire to fight in the UFC and prove himself that drives him in 2013.

“(My goal is) to get into the Octagon and beat everybody in the UFC,” he said.

“I cannot wait to fight top dogs in the UFC. I know I am up there with these guys so please keep eyes on me and look forward to seeing me in the Octagon soon!”

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