by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com

Thiago Alves became only the second fighter ever to finish Chris<br /> "Lights Out" Lytle in Lytle’s 44-fight mixed martial arts care


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Thiago Alves became only the second fighter ever to
finish Chris "Lights Out" Lytle in Lytle’s 44-fight mixed martial
arts career. He stopped the cagey veteran at Ultimate Fighting Championship 78
in Newark, N.J. by TKO stoppage due to cuts.


Alves is on a quest for the UFC welterweight belt and
hopes to be back in action by February. 


But his game plan going into the fight was to go toe-to-toe
with Lytle.


"The first round I was going to see what was going to
happen, see what he’s got and let him bring it on. I got the knockdown in the
first round, so I thought it was good for the first round. The second round I
just tried to take over the fight," Alves told MMAWeekly.


Throughout the fight he effectively worked leg kicks and
punches. "That was kind of like the game plan because I knew he was a good
boxer. Usually when you’re a really good boxer you don’t defend your legs very
well. That was pretty much the game plan, to chop his legs down so it would
slow him down and try to knock him out after that."


The opening round was clearly won by Alves, but the second
round was extremely close. Damage he inflicted in round one, when he opened up
a cut over Lytles’ left eye with the first punch of the fight, led to the
stoppage between the second and third rounds. 


"It was the first punch of the fight. It was a big one,
but it was above the eye so it wasn’t that bad, but it was a pretty big


In the second stanza he opened up another cut over the same
eye except the second laceration was on the eyelid. Between rounds the doctor
called a halt to the action. 


With a win over Lytle, Alves looks to take on contenders
that will place him in line for a title shot. He said, "I’ve never
asked for an opponent, but I want to get the belt, so you have to fight the best.
I don’t mind fighting anyone. I just want to be in contention and I’m going to
beat whoever is in front of me.


"I hope to fight again in February. I want to fight
again in February. It’s perfect timing."