September 15, 2005

by MMAWeekly.com Staff
He is the wildcard on the show. Jorge Gurgel has made it known he doesn’t like him. What does Jason Von Flue think of Jorge Gurgel? Find out now in this interview with MMAWeekly.com

MMAWeekly: Watching this past episode, Jorge Gurgel has made it clear he has it out for you. Are you surprised watching this on tv, or did you know going in?

Von Flue: Heh heh, yeah, it was quite a surprise. I thought that I got along with him just fine, guess not. When I was watching the first episode that I was on, I busted up laughing. In fact, I busted up laughing again after I walked out of the bathroom in the last episode.

MMAWeekly: Why does he have it out for you?

Von Flue: I’m not really sure why Jorge has it out for me. Maybe it’s the hair, we have similar styles. The difference between his hair and mine….I make this hair do look good. Seriously though, I think that he felt threatened by my attitude. I really didn’t care about much, namely how he, or anybody else on the show felt about me. I refuse not to be myself, under any circumstances. I have one of those love me or hate me personalities, one extreme or the other. Guess he hated me.

MMAWeekly: Was Jorge overrated in your book?

Von Flue: No, Jorge isn’t overrated in my book. He has an awesome record in both mma and pro kickboxing. He totally deserved to be on the TUF 2 and I have absolute respect for him and his skills. Now his hair do, that’s overrated.

MMAWeekly: Who do you think is the toughest guy on the show?

Von Flue: Matt Hughes. I swear that guy tried to kill me the first day.

MMAWeekly: Who is the weakest link on the show?

Von Flue: Obviously me. Remember, I have no heart!

MMAWeekly: Who did you become close to on the show?

Von Flue: God. I strengthen my relationship with him. I prayed every night for strength, courage, and belief in myself and he gave it to me. As for cast members, I can’t really go into that. It could affect story line of the show.

MMAWeekly: What did you think of Matt Hughes, especially the way he treated you when you first came on. He didn’t seem to treat you with respect?

Von Flue: As I stated, that man tried to kill me on the first day. I pretty much asked him to push me as hard as he could. I wanted to experience as much of what the other had gone through as I could, partially to show what I was made of and partially to stop the animosity that was their with coming in a week and a half late. Matt is a very focused and driven individual. His job was to find the strongest fighters in both weight classes. He did a fine job of it. It was an awesome experience to work with him and I’m very thankful for it. As for the way he treated me, I guess that I rubbed him wrong at first. I don’t think that he realized that I have a different way of focusing and/or motivating myself. I do flip things off and cuss, to help motivate myself. It’s my way of saying, “you can’t beat me.” That was ok though, I don’t expect anybody to understand me. If they do awesome, if they don’t, I don’t hold it against them…people really don’t understand my level of impartiality.

MMAWeekly: Did your opinion change of Matt Hughes now that you spent time with him? How so?

Von Flue: No, not really. I still think he’s Super Man and respect him to no ends. He was a great mentor that gave me a better understanding of what I’m capable of. If anything, I respect him more.

MMAWeekly: What was the best part about being on the show?

Von Flue:That’s a hard one. Everything, it was all awesome, the training, the friendships, the competition, the exposure, the confidence gained, even the solitude. The whole experience really made me look at myself and redefine myself. It’s amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it and realize the only thing holding you back is yourself. I truly believe that I can do anything now, more so than I ever did.

MMAWeekly: What was the worst part about the show?

Von Flue: No music. I don’t really watch tv, but I listen to music all the time. Do to copyrights and such, we couldn’t listen to music while being filmed. That really sucked during the workouts, I’m use to having music in the background. On the bright side, we did manage to get some in here and there.

MMAWeekly: What’s next for you?

Von Flue: Fight my ass off and hopefully open up my own gym here shortly. I’m looking forward to the future and am very excited.

MMAWeekly: Thanks Jason and good luck to you.

Von Flue: Thank you. I really appreciate you taking time to talk with me. Oh, I need to pitch my website www.jasonvonflue.com, it’s up and running, but were still working on sections of it, please bare with me. Thanks again!