The Ultimate Fighter: Live Episode 4 Recap: Team Faber Gains Control

March 30, 2012

TUF Live Coaches Logo Dominick Cruz and Urijah FaberIn episode four of The Ultimate Fighter: Live, another quarterfinalist emerged, Team Faber gained matchmaking control with their first win, a fighter gets hurt in training and next week’s match up was announced.

Team Cruz and Justin Lawrence enjoyed their 2-0 start over Team Faber in the early going of the episode but soon it was time to prepare Myles Jury and Al Iaquinta for their showdown.

During Team Cruz’ training session, Myles Jury was sparring with Mike Rio and landed a spinning back fist that knocked Rio down.  When he fell, Rio injured his right knee.  The medical staff took a look at his knee and determined that it wasn’t a serious injury.

“He’s hurt, not injured,” said Coach Cruz about Rio’s knee.

Coach Faber paid a visit to the fighter house hoping to inspire his team.  He brought with him Jim Peterson who he calls his “life coach” or “mind coach.”  Peterson gave a seminar and the team took notes.

At the weigh-ins, Jury tipped the scales at 154-pounds while Iaquinta weighed in at 155.

Iquinta’s game plan was to be aggressive while Jury expected to make it a technical battle.

At the opening bell, Iaquinta moved forward.  Jury used his length to keep Iaquinta on the outside most of the round.  Jury secured a late takedown and took Iaquinta’s back briefly.  It was enough to steal the round.

In the second round, Jury staggered Iaquinta with a back fist.  As he rushed in, Iaquinta landed a right hand that wobbled Jury.  Iaquinta began to find his range and land more frequent shots.  Jury got another late takedown.  It was a back and forth ten minutes of fighting.

The judges scored the first two rounds a draw.  The two would have to fight a third, “sudden victory” round to determine the winner.

After a long break between rounds for commercials, Iaquinta came out aggressive, constantly moving forward.  He landed punches as Jury circled on the outside looking for countering opportunities.  It was another close round.

The cage-side judges scored the fight 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28 for Al Iaquinta by split decision.

“If that fight wins fight of the year, I’m going back to college mom, like grandma always wanted,” said Iaquinta following the fight.

Jury was graceful in defeat, thanking God and accepting the loss.

“It is what it is,” he said.

With the win, Faber seized matchmaking control.  He chose Mike Chiesa to face Team Cruz’ Jeremy Larsen.