The Ultimate Fighter en français? It May Be On Its Way

December 9, 2010

The Ultimate Fighter en français? Oui. Il pourrait se produire.

While French-Canadians have gotten a taste of the UFC, it looks like our friends in the Great White North will soon get the full meal.

When Tom Wright was brought on as director of Canadian operations for the promotion, the UFC immediately committed to at least three pay-per-views per year in Canada and started talking about producing an all-Canadian “Ultimate Fighter.”

Wright now says that they may get even more specific with their “Ultimate Fighter” expansion.

“We not only think we can do a TUF in Canada, but we’ve had some conversations about doing a TUF Quebec, where it would be in French, and bring in just French fighters and help develop our brand in this province,” he told

“You have to understand, Quebec represents about 25 percent of the Canadian population and about 85 percent of that 25 percent claim French as their mother tongue.”

And with Canada’s population exceeding 34,000,000, that’s a lot of French-speaking potential UFC fans that have, thus far, only received limited exposure to the brand.

“We’ve historically only done our pay-per-views in French when they’ve either originated in Canada, (UFC 124) will be the fifth, or when GSP is fighting,” explained Wright.

“So there have been six or seven that have been in French. There’s no continuity of content. There’s no continuity in product. So fans have a hard time in connecting with them.

“We’ve just now started to make the commitment to do all of our pay-per-views in French. So they’ll be available here, but also the notion of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ in French as well.”

UFC president Dana White says he always tries to deliver what the fans want, so if the French-speaking fans speak up… donc ne soyez pas surpris de “The Ultimate Fighter” en français très bientôt au Québec.