‘The Ultimate Fighter 29’ Episode 6 Recap: The Momentum has Changed

In the sixth episode of “The Ultimate Fighter 29” aired on Tuesday and featured a bantamweight bout between Team Ortega’s Dan Argueta to face Team Volkanovski’s Ricky Turcios.

In last week’s episode, Team Volkanovski picked up their first win of the season. Heading into the Argueta – Turcios match, Team Ortega lead the team competition 4-1. Team Volkanovski was looking to build on last week’s win and start a winning streak.

The Fight: Dan Argueta (5-0) vs. Rickey Turcios (10-2)

Round 1

There wasn’t a feeling out process to start the fight. At the sound of the opening bell the two started exchanging strikes. Argueta found his range early and connected with counters and combinations. Turcios mixed it up with kicks and punches and 90 seconds into the frame his jab starting landing regularly.

Argueta landed power punches but a combination by Turcios had him looking to get the fight to the ground. Argueta successfully took Turcios down with a minute remaining. Turcios looked to lock up a triangle choke, but Argueta defended the submission attempt worked to secure a guillotine choke. Turcios popped his head out and reversed the position. The two scrambled to their feet and finished the final seconds throwing punches.

Round 2

Turcios closed the distance in the opening moments of the second frame and pressed Argueta against the cage. From there, he delivered knees to the body. Argueta pushed Turcios away to create space and the two went back to exchanging on their feet.

Argueta worked to take Turcios down, but Turcios shook off the attempt. He tied Argueta up in the clinch and delivered knees to the legs of Argueta. Argueta circled free went for another takedown. Turcios stuffed the attempt. The next two minutes played out on their feet with both fighters landing cleanly.

Turcios pressed forward with a flurry and Argueta changed levels. Turcios pulled guard and worked to secure a triangle choke. Argueta easily defended the submission attempt and gained top position. Turcios rolled and tried to isolate a leg. Argueta kept his limbs out of danger as the round ended.

After two rounds of fighting, the judges were unable to declare a winner. The bout went into an overtime round. Round 3 would decide who advanced in the tournament.

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Round 3

Turcios connected with a right hand in the opening seconds of the round and Argueta immediately looked to get the fight to the canvas. Turcios defended the takedown attempt while landing hammer fists. Once the two were separated, Turcios shot for a takedown. Argueta sprawled and gained top position only to be immediately reversed.

Turcios maintained top position but wasn’t able to inflict damage. Argueta worked to get back to his feet and Turcios took his back. He applied a body triangle to better control Argueta. Argueta desperately tried to turn into Turcios and gain top position but couldn’t. Turcios threatened with a rear-naked choke but was unable to secure the choke. In the final 25 seconds, Argueta turned and gained top position, but it was too little too late.

He looked to lock on a guillotine choke but Turcios easily defended it. Argueta again looked for a guillotine choke and ended up on the bottom. The final seconds saw Turcios landing punches in Argueta’s guard.

All three judges scored the fight for Turcios. With the win, Team Volkanovski is officially on a winning streak.

“We got two wins in a row for Team Volkanovski, and you’re starting to feel the momentum shifting here in the competition,” said UFC president Dana White.

Next Fight Announcement

Bantamweights are up against next week. Coach Volkanovski picked his team’s Brady Heistand to go up against Team Ortega’s Josh Rettinghouse.