The Ultimate Fighter 27 Episode 7 Recap: Injuries Continue to Plague Team Cormier

May 30, 2018

On episode 7 of The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated, injury forces another fighter out of the competition and bizarre circumstances lands one contestant in the semifinals without having a fight.

Ricky Steele Not Medically Cleared To Continue

In last weeks episode, Team Cormier featherweight Ricky Steele defeated Suman Mokhtarian by unanimous decision to advance in the competition. Following the fihgt, Steele was transported to the hospital to have his right foot evaluated. The results came back revealing no broken bones but Steele was having other issues. Suffering from concussion-like symptoms, Steele refused to be evaluated for them. Coach Daniel Cormier urged Steele to see a doctor after days went by and steele was still sensitive to light and sound.

Steele received news that he didn’t want to hear. Images of his brain came back normal but with the concussion-like symptoms plaguing him the doctor did not clear him to continue in the competition. Steele was the second Team Cormier fighter forced out of the tournament due to injury after winning their fight.

“I avoided all the tests and all the doctors that I could the past couple of days but there’s just no hiding it,” said Steele.  “Ultimately our health is fist and foremost.  I’ve got a daughter to take care of and I laid it all out on the line.  The ones that truly matter will be proud of me and understand that.”

Team Miocic’s Allan Zuniga Advances Without Stepping Foot in the Octagon

While warming up in the locker room prior to the scheduled fight Team Cormier’s Richie Smullen started having excruciating cramps in his calf muscle.  He immediately started limping and then was unable to walk.  The teams assistant coaches started massaging Smullen’s legs.  The fight time was pushed back 30 minutes to give Smullen an opportunity to recover.  He was unable to and his opponent, Team Miocic’s Allan Zuniga, was awarded the win. 

“There are a lot of things going on in my mind right now like when all this comes out having to explain yourself.  It feels like I disappointed people back home, family and etc.  I was gone six weeks to win this show.  I came here for the six weeks and I didn’t get to fight,” said the disappointed Smullen.  “I would have rather lost than to leave like this.” 

Next Fight Announcement

With only two fighters left to compete in the preliminary round, Coach Cormier announced that the first overall pick on the show, Tyler Diamond, would take on Team Miocic’s last pick, Dulani Perry.  The fight will determine the final spot in the semi-finals.