The Ultimate Fighter 27 Episode 5 Recap: ‘I Hope I Get a UFC Contract’

May 17, 2018

On episode 5 of The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated, Team Miocic picked up their first win of the season after losing four in-a-row. Light heavyweight champion and Team Cormier head coach Daniel Cormier returned from hometown obligations and a fighter’s knee injury was exposed to the opposing team.

The Secret Gets Out

During a training session Team Miocic featherweight Suman Mokhtarian suffered a knee injury. He was Miocic’s second team pick and one of the favorites in the competition.

“I was training and sparring and I felt a little tweak in my knee and I felt a snap and a pop in my knee,” Mokhtarian explained.

Mokhtarian sought treatment at the UFC Performance Institute and received good news. His ligaments appeared intact but while being treated Team Cormier’s assistant coach Daron Winn walked into the room and discovered that Mokhtarian was injured. Winn made it known to his team that Mokhtarian had an injured knee and the two had a verbal altercation in the hallway of the UFC gym.

The Fight: Thailand Clark vs. Mike Trizano

Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic - TUF 27 LogoBoth fighters came ready to fight and immediately went after their opponent.  Clark landed a right hand that dropped Trizano in the early going of the opening round.  Trizano immediately got back to his feet and and took the fight to a fatigued Clark.  Trizano scored two takedowns in the first round and won the striking exchanges in the closing two minutes.  

Trizano picked up the pace in the second frame and pressed foward.  Clark worked to secure a takedown but was reversed and put on his back.  Trizano mounted Clark and delivered punches and elbows.  He eventually flattened out Clark and hammered away with punches until the referee stepped in to stop the fight.  

“I was amped up. I was ready to go. I’ve been ready since I got here. I have mentally prepared myself for this for years. This is a dream come true, but this fight is in the books. I’m off to the next one. I’ll be back training tomorrow morning, back to the drawing board,” said Trizano following the win.  “I’ve still got one more to go before the finale. I’ve dreamed of this moment and I’m one step closer.”

“This isn’t it for me. I hope I get a UFC contract. I hope when I dropped his ass, I hope that was worth a Fight of the Season,” said the defeated Clark.  “Another lesson learned.”

Next Fight Announcement

With Miocic in control of the fight pick, he announced the next featherweight fight.  He chose to pit the banged up Suman Mokhtarian against Team Cormier’s last pick, Ricky Steele.