The Ultimate Fighter 17 Episode 7 Recap: Styles Make Fights

March 5, 2013

TUF 17 Team Jones vs Team Sonnen Ultimate Fighter LogoJosh Samman scored a knockout win of Tor Troeng in last week’s episode, but injured his leg in the victory.  He woke up the following morning in “severe” pain. 

Samman pulled a quad muscle during tryouts for a previous season of The Ultimate Fighter and formed a blood clot in his leg that required an extensive surgery to correct.  He was worried history was repeating itself.

He was taken to the hospital for observation and tests.  After an ultrasound, it was determined that he did not have a blood clot.

“I’m just so relieved and so happy that there was no blood clot, so hopefully I should be able to just be able to fight in a week or two,” said Samman.  “I’ll get over the pain.  If I were to not fight, that heartbreak and that defeat would last a lot longer than any physical pain I’m feeling right now.”

Last week, the fighters got to go bowling, and this week they went for food and fun at Hooters restaurant.

“I haven’t seen so many smiles and exchanging high-fives since the tournament began,” said Coach Chael Sonnen about the trip to Hooters.

Uriah Hall continued to distance himself from his housemates and did not participate in group photos at Hooters.

“I think Uriah’s attitude is going to get worse.  It has been getting worse.  He’s been fighting more with his own team.  He’s a very self-righteous person, and he’s a jerk.  I hope I get to be the one to get a piece of him,” said Team Jones’ Collin Hart.

“Uriah, he’s probably one of hardest guys on himself in the entire house.  He works incredibly hard.  We have to talk to him a lot about, you have to take time off,” said Team Sonnen Assistant Coach Scott McQuary.

This week’s match pitted Team Jones’ first pick, Clint Hester, against Team Sonnen’s Jimmy Quinlan.  Hester is a former professional boxer while Quinlan is an accomplished grappler.  It’s the classic clash of styles.

“To be honest, Clint is a match up I wanted from day one, so to actually get that, it’s almost a relief.  That’s the one I wanted.  That’s the one I got, and we didn’t even have to pick it,” said Quinlan.

“If I get past this round, I don’t see what’s stopping me from getting the contract,” said Hester.

Clint Hester vs. Jimmy Quinlan

Quinlan wasted no time looking to get the fight to the ground.  He closed the distance, got his hands on Hester and elevated him and slammed him to the canvas.  Hester quickly got back to his feet and landed elbows to the side of Quinlan’s head as Quinlan worked to secure a single leg takedown.

Quinlan pressured Hester the entire time, not giving him much space to work.  Hester made good use of the space he had and laded punches to the body and head as well as knees to the body while Quinlan worked for takedowns.

In the second round, Hester decided to take Quinlan down, and it would be his undoing.  Quinlan defended the takedown attempt and got a takedown.  He then mounted Hester.  Hester rolled, giving up his back.  After softening Hester up with punches, Quinlan locked on a rear naked choke forcing Hester to tap out.

“Clint getting picked number one, he definitely had a target in my eyes, so I was glad I was able to go out and represent Team Sonnen and take down the number one guy,” said Quinlan following his victory.

“Today he was better than me, today, but I come to fight every time I come.  I come to fight hard.  If I get that wildcard spot, I’m going to fight even harder to get back in contention for that contract,” said Hester after the loss.

Coach Sonnen took the opportunity to deliver Coach Jon Jones a Team Sonnen jersey shortly after the fight to wear in practice to settle their bowling bet.

The final preliminary bout was announced.  Team Jones’ last pick, Dylan Andrews, will face Team Sonnen’s Zak Cummings.

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