‘The Truth’ revealed: Jake Paul earns first loss after a decision to Tommy Fury

Article by David Porter

The fight was named “The Truth” and the truth was told in more ways than one.

There has never been a fight between two rookies at the beginning stages of their boxing careers more advertised, promoted, hyped and talked about in the history of the game – but after two years of promotion, back and forth conflicts between both camps, and two previously scheduled bouts canceled, Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury has finally happened in Diriyah Arena in Diriyah Saudi Arabia.

Now conventional wisdom begs the question, “How does this fight between two rookies headline a card with a world championship bout and seasoned professionals on it?”, but alias, Paul and Fury with the event on their shoulders sold the tickets, sold the pay per views, and solved a major issue with modern day boxing. And that is Boxing isn’t making marketable stars anymore, so stars are making boxing marketable again. Finally, it is time for Paul vs. Fury.

While Fury entered the ring to a American theme song and staple of our grandparents and parents fighting the Vietnam war to the cheers from the Saudi crowd, the sound of boo’s soon flooded the arena as Paul danced his way to the ring to meet his adversary. Two very different entrances, two very different crowd reactions, two very similar levels of confidence, chrisma and pose. A presence you rarely see from fighters until their experience and records hit at least double digits.

The corner of Paul screamed “Do not back up” but that plan was quickly abandoned as Fury marched forward to kick off Round 1.

Fury obviously the aggressor, pumping that jab and keeping it in Paul’s face, while Paul staying calm and trying to slow down the frantic pace of tommy. Paul starting to settle in, trying to land that over hand right as Fury is baited to come in the pocket. Paul finally slowed down the pace to end Round 1 to land solid bodyshots as Fury’s flurry ends Round 1. Round 1 will go to Fury.

Paul using his left hand as a measuring stick and giving Fury to think about to begin Round 1. Fury fighting on the outside and now baiting Paul to come in to land a big right of his own. Both fighters trading hard jabs as Fury lands a great combo at the midway mark of Round 2. Paul continuing to hammer the body of Fury as Fury is putting together some nice combinations. Paul is having a hard time getting past that reach, staying on the outside as he is getting hammered with that stiff jab that has become a trademark of Paul’s. End of Round 2, Fury will nab this round on volume as well.

Both competitors trading strikes landing cleanly to begin Round 3 as Paul lands a nice jab to back up the big emposing Fury. Two more hard jabs land from Fury as it seems Paul is trying to set up that huge overhand right that has put all previous opponents on the deck but Fury isn’t falling for the traps. Fury starting to slow down a bit and starting to pay for rushing opportunities as Paul has connected on every entrance into the pocket from Fury. Paul has flipped the tide of momentum, and Round 3 will go to Paul.

Logan Paul gets on the mic and calls Fury a b***h during the break, Fury looks pissed.

Fury lands a huge right to start Round 4 and starts to put together great combinations. Might have taken Logan’s pre-round comments to heart. Paul starting to telegraph his shots, starting to get desperate, Paul eats alot of right hands. Paul is getting tagged at will by a very relaxed Fury. Fury gets cocky, puts his hands down, gets caught with a left from Paul. Fury doing an exceptional job of being a moving target. Round 4 goes to Fury.

Fury clearly winning this fight going into Round 5. Both men trading jabs as it looked like Paul was attempting to set up that right hand, Fury doesn’t walk into the mouse trap. Right hand finally lands from Paul, Hard jab from Paul, Paul shaking off the last round. Paul will get one point deducted from god know’s what. Left hook lands from Paul and Paul starting to push forward. Paul may have caught his second wind with 40 seconds left. Fury lands a big right on the button as Round 5 comes to a close. Paul wins that round but with a point deducted it turns into a throwaway.

We go to Round 6 with a shot to the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World Tyson Fury, as both men meet at the center with Paul landing a clean left hook followed by a 1,2,1. Nice uppercut landed by Fury. Nice jab by Fury as they both clinch. Fury obviously the more active fighter in the later rounds. The desperation of Paul has to be setting in as Fury isn’t slowing down his pace from the first round. Fury starting to put together great combinations as now Fury will get a point deducted. What the f**k is this ref doing? Fury wins this round but with that point deducted and the ref wanting to be a factor in this fight, this round will be a wash.

We are going to Round 7, both competitors starting this fight strong as Paul opting to land jabs, get into the pocket and clinch. Nothing is following his jabs though, as Fury is landing great combinations and striking in volume. Overhand right lands from Paul. Big right hands land from Fury. More volume and output from Fury, Paul seemingly frusterated with 30 seconds remaining. Cut over the left eye of Fury from a headbutt. Could be a problem but it looks like it won’t impair his vision. Fury will win Round 7 as we go to the final round.

Eighth and final round as Paul starts to turn up the heat, Fury gets dropped with a jab. He will get a standing 8 count for the first time in his career. Fury lands a great right hook. Fury lands another right. Puts together a great combination. Fury leaving it all out there. One more minute to go as both competitors landing sigificant strikes. We will go to the final bell with the referee playing his role in the worst way. Paul wins the final round.

Eight rounds later, with zero dispute that both of these YouTube and realty television stars are definately fighters, Fury will win by split decision over his long time rival. This is one of those fights that activate the rematch clause Paul cleverly added into the contracts. Fury goes over to Paul’s corner to give him his respect, as it was definately deserved.

Fury spoke with tears in his eyes “For the past two and half years this has weighed on me, all the insults, all the drama, I am Tommy Fury” as he dedicates his performance to his daughter. “All the way through the two and half years, I envisioned this moment”

Tommy fury also spoke about the potential of a rematch as Tommy Fury responded, “Bring it on.”

Paul went eight rounds with a professional boxer, the youngest of the legendary Fury clan. “All respect to Tommy he won, don’t judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses, I don’t think I loss that fight, multiple 10-8 rounds, I think I won this fight, but this is boxing.”

Paul also proclaimed that he would love to run it back.

“I was flat, I was sick during this camp, it’s okay, we can fight again, 100 percent, lets run it back,” he said.

The Truth was promised, and the Truth was told, in multiple ways, and for two celebrities who were told they aren’t “real boxers” I wouldn’t mind this truth being told again.

Recap by David Potter