by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
Over the past four years Blake “The Snake” Fredrickson has worked his way towards becoming one of Canada’s toughest and most exciting fighters.

A member of Gibson Pankration, Fredrickson looks to take a big step forward in his career as he fights for the KOTC Canadian Welterweight Championship against Jesse Bongfeldt this weekend in Calgary, Alberta.

“The fight just came together last Monday,” said Fredrickson, a late replacement for injured Jeff Joslin. “I got a call and it seemed like a big opportunity, so I said absolutely. I’ll step up and fight anybody on short notice. I’m always ready to fight, always in shape.”

Blake added, “I’ve been doing two-a-days right now, training my butt off with what little time I’ve got and I really don’t see any other outcome than me leaving the cage with a belt around my waist.”

Opposing Fredrickson will be Jesse Bongfeldt of Progressive Fighting, a fighter that Blake is very familiar with.

“I’ve seen him fight a couple of times,” commented Fredrickson. “He likes to bang, which is good, so do I. He’s a hard striker, but he’s coming off a little bit of a layoff so he may be a little rusty. I’m a little bit fresh; I just fought last month, so I feel good and I feel ready to go.”

For fans unfamiliar with Blake’s style of fighting, Fredrickson feels he’s a complete fighter who has been leaning towards the stand-up of late. And while he’s able to take the fight anywhere, he wants to make sure that no matter what happens, Bongfeldt will feel it afterwards.

“I’m fairly well-rounded. I keep my composure; I’ve had close to 20 fights, so I’ve been there and seen everything,” explained Blake. “I’ve fought some of the best guys across Canada and North America. I like to test the waters a little bit when the fight starts. I’m not the kind of guy that comes out swinging right away, I usually pick my spots. I’m comfortable anywhere, if I’m on top, standing, on my back, I’m comfortable anywhere and I can also be dominant any position too.”

Fredrickson continued, “In my past five-seven fights I’ve really tried to keep the fight standing, make it exciting and I’ve kind of come into my own as a stand up guy. I like to take it to him, beat him up, punish him, I don’t care if the fight goes 30 seconds or 15 minutes, as long as my hand gets raised at the end and he knows he’s been in a fight.”

Should he take the title this weekend Blake would be the second Gibson Pankration fighter to claim a KOTC Canadian Championship, as late last year Ryan Diaz claimed the Welterweight Title.

Fredrickson admits because of Diaz’s accomplishment there may be more pressure on him, but rather than let it detour him, he lets it motivate him to add another belt to the camp’s trophy case.

“There’s nothing more I’d like to have than both of us with KOTC belts around our waists,” said Blake. “It’s a little added pressure, but I fight best under pressure. The KOTC really likes us, I know that. They like me and Ryan because we bring exciting fights. I think they want to make us the next KOTC Canada stars, so I look forward to the opportunity, especially this weekend.”

As for his future, Fredrickson feels that if he’s able to take the title this weekend, he’ll set his sights on a KOTC Champion fighting on the same card this weekend.

“Realistically depending on the outcome of Saturday I’d really like the opportunity to fight Mac Danzig for the KOTC World Lightweight Title,” commented Blake. “Otherwise from that, I have a fight in May in Tacoma, so I’ll just take it one step at a time. But my main priority is this weekend, then if I win, to fight Mac Danzig.”

Fredrickson concluded, “I would like to thank my sponsor Milani Auto Sales and I hope everyone comes out; you’re going to see some fireworks this Saturday. I’m gonna come out, we’re gonna swing, and it’s going to be a great fight, win, lose or draw.”

For more information on Gibson Pankration near Vancouver, British Columbia, please visit their official website www.GibsonPankration.com.