The Persian Warrior is Headed to the Great White North at MFC 31

September 30, 2011

Sabah Fadai

Sabah Fadai

After making a name for himself over the past year in Indonesia, Sabah “Persian Warrior” Fadai is ready to put his stamp on the North American fight scene when he makes his MFC debut on Oct. 7 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

“Coming to Canada and having my first fight in the MFC is going to be a huge opportunity to get my name out there and get some exposure as a good fighter,” said Fadai.

“MFC is the biggest, toughest MMA organization based out of Canada. They’ve got a lot of good world-class athletes in the organization. So fighting for the MFC is going to get me a lot of exposure; especially being on HDNet.”

Fadai hasn’t fought in over a year due to a string of injuries. Instead of wallowing in the time off, he’s used to it to his advantage.

“Yeah, I took a lot of time off, but it helped me get my technique down and work on my mental game,” he said. “My striking has improved a lot – drastically. Since I’ve been here with Mamba MMA, my striking has improved quite a bit, and I feel awesome about my stand-up now.

“I’ve sparred guys that I’ve sparred before, and now they can’t even touch me. This is definitely going to be the best me. I’m even really surprised with my change.”

Fadai’s improved skills will be put to the test at MFC 31 as he takes on Mukai Maromo, who is coming off a 36-second destruction of Scott Cleve at the last MFC event in June.

“I think it’s going to be a war, to be honest with you,” said Fadai. “I think he’s a great stand-up fighter; he doesn’t hold back and likes to come forward with a lot of pressure, so I think it’s going to be a tough fight for me.”

Fadai told that he wants fans coming away from this fight knowing that he’s a great all-around fighter who is capable of taking on anyone and matching them skill-for-skill.

“If I can keep the fight standing, and be ruthless with my stand-up and get a knockout, I’m going to do that, but if I feel there’s a takedown there, I’ll go for it,” he said. “I’ll never stick to one game plan; that’s my thing.

“I want people to know that I’m not just into one thing. This is an MMA fight – and I want people to know that’s how I’m going to take it.”

Having been working hard over the last year to make his return, Fadai is looking to take some time off after MFC 31 and prepare to make his big run in 2012.

“Since May I’ve been in training camps, so I’ve been training for quite some time already, and I don’t want to burn out my body,” he said. “I want to take some time off and do some travelling, and then get back into it. I think February is my next fight.”

For fans that can’t make it to the Mayfield Trade Centre in Edmonton, Fadai wants them to go to the Forum Sports Bar on Granville St. in Vancouver for a viewing party to check out his MFC debut on Oct. 7 in a fight he feels won’t disappoint.

“MFC 31 is going to be huge, so come out and support the fighters and support me,” he closed out. “I’m on a five-fight win streak, so I don’t want to lose that.”

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