The Official UFC 181 Poster by DC Comics is Flippin’ Amazing

September 27, 2014

We remember when Pride FC fight-card posters used to be all the craze. Behemoth fighters paired with one another, illustrated and photographed in ways that actually made us look forward to freak-show fights. Mostly, anyway.

The UFC has been hit and miss with their fight posters, but UFC 181 scored a definite hit with the help of DC Comics. The comic-book juggernaut provided it’s services to the mothership of MMA and came up with the following poster that appeals to everyone from our inner macho-bro fight fan to the most hardcore of the nerdcore (shoutout to former penman Damon Martin for “Nerdcore”).

Image props go to DC’s Howard Porter and Alex Sinclair, as well as the UFC creative team. *golf clap*

ufc 181 poster

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