by Randy Couture – Special to MMAWeekly.com
Randy Couture is the former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world, and is also the former two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the world. The Natural breaks down UFC 60 with his picks on MMAWeekly.com.

Main Card Bouts:

-Joe Riggs – 184.5lbs vs Mike Swick – 185lbs.
This will be a great fight as both fighters have been fighting well as of late. Swick’s quick hand speed will be a factor in the fight and I think Mike Swick wins another one with those lightning fast hands.

-Brandon Vera – 226lbs. Assuerio Silva – 234lbs.
Silva had a very good performance against big Tim Sylvia in his last fight. Brandon Vera though has plenty of weapons and can fight many different ways. Vera has great greco roman wrestling, something I’m very familiar with and I like Vera in this fight.

-John Alessio – 169lbs. Diego Sanchez – 169lbs.
Diego is just so hungry and so dominant that I don’t see anyone beating him right now. His wrestling has improved and we all know about his submission game. I think Diego wins by submission in this fight.

-Alessio Sakara – 204lbs. Dean Lister – 205lbs.
Sakara has great boxing ability and he has great hand speed. Dean Lister though is at a different level on the ground and probably has the best submission game in the business. Lister will have to get him down, but most fights end up on the ground and once it’s there Lister will take over and win by submission.

-Matt Hughes – 175.5lbs. Royce Gracie – 175lbs.
Good to see Gracie back returning to the UFC. My question with Royce right now though is this question. Has Royce ever cut weight before in his career? I don’t believe he has and that could be a factor in this fight. Royce usually fights in the 180’s and for this fight he had to cut to 175. The weight cutting could be a factor. Hughes to me looks just as strong at 175 as he does at 170. I think Hughes fights a smart fight and wins by decision.