The Miletich Family is still… the Miletich Family

With many of the longtime Pat Miletich-trained fighters having gone their separate ways over the past couple of years there is always a ton of speculation of the once great team having it in for each other. Well, it doesn’t sound like it’s that way for Matt Hughes. In his latest blog post, Hughes talks about being at Pat’s latest fight with Jens Pulver and Robbie Lawler and some of his feelings for Pat:

“This last Thursday, Pat Miletich, my former coach and longtime friend returned to the cage. I’ve been waiting for Pat to fight again for a long time. With Pat helping me get ready for fights as much as he has and seeing all of his talents, I hated seeing Pat leave the industry on a loss. So I was always hoping that Pat would come in, get a fight against a formidable opponent and show everybody what he can really do. So last Thursday, Pat fought Thomas Denny and he did just that. He showed everybody that might have had a doubt that Pat still has what it takes to be a top fighter. So, with as good as Pat looked in the fight I hope he takes another one. I sat ringside with Jens (Pulver) on my right and Robbie (Lawler) on my left. We were pretty amped up for the fight and when Pat knocked Thomas out in the second round, we went crazy. I know that all three of us were in a big hug just jumping around. Some of you might know this, but when I would travel to Iowa on Monday, I would stay there all week and drive back on Friday. It was tough being away from my family, which is one of the biggest reasons I opened the HIT Squad; but Pat and the friendship we have really helped fill the void of my family not being around. To be honest, he played the role of my brother when I was in Iowa. Pat Miletich is family and nothing could ever happen that would ever make me think otherwise. But it was great going up there and seeing all the guys and it was good seeing Ryan, Mike C. and some other guys I know get some wins there as well.”

Matt also posted a bunch more photos from the event on his site,